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Today is the first day of the new year, but I went to the hospital, which is somewhat unlucky.

But I’m more interested in going with Ye Xiangyuan than this.
I was thinking about knocking at the door suddenly outside.
Zhou Luan and her friend came in.
I’m not surprised that Zhou Luan’s friends nursed me back to health during pregnancy, and this fainting must be the same.
Zhou Luan asked me, "Ersao, how do you feel?"
I told her about the situation.
She said, "You don’t have to worry about the baby, but you can’t be stimulated anymore … It’s dangerous to have a baby for seven months."
I nodded.
She looked at me and hesitated.
I asked her, "Is there another problem?"
Section 255
I heard that if a person is seriously ill, the doctor will hide it.
Zhou Luan shook his head. "It’s not your physical problem … I mean, second brother left with Brother Asun after he took you to the hospital, but he told me to take good care of you …"
She said slowly, as if thinking about how to phrase it, probably for fear of irritating me.
I couldn’t help laughing.
I have already guessed that Ye Xiangyuan’s choice of me is not as unexpected.
Zhou Luan frowned and gently held my hand without speaking.
Her friend examined me, and there was nothing wrong with it.
I thanked them.
Zhou Luan hesitated. "I’ve heard about elder sister Chang Yu … I can understand the second brother’s worry … even my brother was anxious when he heard the news this morning. He immediately helped to find someone …"
Her brother is Zhou Yi. I haven’t seen him for a while. I heard that he was promoted to the Lord. He is very busy on weekdays.
He also grew up with Gu Changyu, and they have deep feelings for each other.
And I also heard something strange from this passage.
Zhou Yi didn’t hear the news until early this morning … But Ye Xiangyuan knew last night …
I can’t help but wonder whether Lu Xun told Ye Xiangyuan at that time or because … Ye Xiangyuan kept telling Ye Wen to pay attention to Gu Changyu’s movements to learn about her disappearance at the first time?
It should be the latter. Otherwise, Zhou Yi grew up, but he could spend New Year’s Eve with his family before Gu Changyu was busy.
See I don’t do Zhou Luan also didn’t say more told me to have a good rest.
And then left.
They just arrived at the door and happened to meet Pan Dong.
Pan Dongchong nodded at them and then walked in.
Chapter 27 Go to Li’s house
I didn’t expect Pan Dong to appear here.
In fact, I was a little embarrassed to see him because I suspected that he was a ghost.
I also deliberately avoided meeting him at my former home, and even told Ye Xiangyuan that I wanted Yang Fei to follow me.
I mainly feel that I think too badly of him, and I am very sorry to see him.
But maybe Panton doesn’t know what I’m thinking. At the moment, when he comes near with an easy grace, it’s natural to tunnel "Sister-in-law chief asked me to stay and protect you."
I see
I just found out why he came to the hospital. It can’t be that he visited me.
But Ye Xiangyuan left him?
He is Ye Xiangyuan’s confidant and obviously trusts him more than Yang Fei and Yuan Xi Ye Xiangyuan, and his business is also the best. My former Ye Xiangyuan will transfer him to find Gu Changyu.
But since Ye Xiangyuan has made it impossible for me to disagree again, I thanked him.
But I didn’t ask him about Ye’s whereabouts.
First, I guessed that Ye Xiangyuan must be looking for Gu Changyu. Second, the wind in Pan Dongkou is very tight. Ye Xiangyuan’s right-hand man is doing confidential things. It is impossible to disclose Ye Xiangyuan’s news to me.
I’m Pan Dong to say hello to me.
I didn’t expect him to have no intention of leaving.
I can’t help wondering.
After thinking about it, I asked him, "Is there anything else?"
Panton looked at me hesitantly and said, "After the chief left the hospital, they went to the Li family with little regard."
I’m a little surprised that he should take the initiative to talk to me about Ye Xiangyuan?
Then frown. Is Gu Changyu kidnapped by the Li family?
Pan Dong seemed to understand my question and nodded, "At present, there are suspicious leaders in the Li family. They suspect that Minister Li arrested Miss Gu."
品茶论坛  title=It is not impossible for Li jiaqi to lose the lawsuit before.
But … It’s no small matter to rush to Li’s house on New Year’s Day …
Ye Xiangyuan, do they want to play hardball?
Once there is a conflict between the two allies and ministries with their own followers, it will be a big turmoil.
It is estimated that the whole imperial city family circle has become a mess now.
I’m a little worried.
Ye Xiangyuan did not hesitate to expose his hidden arrangement in the dark, but also to find Gu Changyu.
But what if Li jiaqi is going to benefit Gu Changyu and lead them into the urn …
Thinking about these things, my whole heart pulled up.
Then I vomited and abandoned myself. Since I was hurt by him, I decided to leave him and I was worried about him.
Pan Dong also continued, "Chief transferred more than half of his hands today. If something happened to Miss Gu, I think Minister Li must not escape …"
The implication is that Ye Xiangyuan may kill Li jiaqi?
What Gu Changyu Ye Xiangyuan did not hesitate to make enemies with the Li family completely, even at the expense of killing people …
I stared at Pan Dong silently.