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"Li, since I’m here, let’s make things clear. Let’s go in." Yin Qing is soft and natural and graceful, holding documents and materials, and leads Li Tianyan towards the building.

"Sunny and soft …" Li Tianyan shouted a few times, and Yin Qing, who was soft, walked to the front with a hint of intimacy that was not easy to detect.
The president and the secret have always been the most reminiscent of divination and dog blood fragments. Lan Jingyi couldn’t help looking at Li Tianyan and Yin Qingyou. The latter still ignored Li Tianyan’s low call with elegant steps, while Li Tianyan quickly chased Yin Qingyou after a few steps. "Well, then solve it this time."
In the exhibition hall on the third floor, there are all kinds of children’s wear, women’s wear and men’s wear. Jiang’s production chain is a bit miscellaneous. The department store has done everything, so there are so many customers and so many achievements. I really don’t know how Jiang Junyue manages so many industries by herself. If she combs it, it will take several days.
Several workers have brought Meixin here and worn the model for a second time. It was really that the clothes were not in the right proportion or the stitches were unqualified. There were many things. The people in the production department and the management department looked at each other and their faces had changed. Their foreheads had long been sweaty. However, Lan Jingyi looked at things that were not good and didn’t care about her. She managed to find out the problem, but she still had to return it to the production department and the management department to deal with it. It was clear at a glance that there was no need for her to say anything. Both departments were sweating.
In the exhibition hall, Yi Zheng swept every piece of debris one by one, and suddenly she felt that a heat flow gushed out badly. Being a woman is the trouble, but there will be such a situation. But in recent months, she has worn sanitary pads, but no one can help her with this. She has to do it herself. "Miss Yin, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. You accompany Mr. Li, the person in charge of our production department, to discuss a problem. If you ask me, I will come back."
Yin Qing’s soft eyes flashed and smiled sweetly, but the eyes were filled with a nasty disdain. "Miss Lan will always handle it at will." The implication is that if you love Lan Jingyi, will you come back or not? Meixingen didn’t treat you as a dish.
桑拿网Lan Jingyi also ignores that this is a guest service. She is duty-bound to "Xiao Zhang, what do you want to leave?"
"Blue manager …" Xiao Zhang showed a bitter gourd face, and Li Tianyan was serious and juryman, as if she were a beast that could hit people at any time, which made her afraid.
"I’ll be back soon." It will take at least ten minutes to buy sanitary napkins and wash my hands. She can also find someone to help, but this woman really doesn’t like to hand over her private affairs to others.
I went to wash my hands and put on several layers of pads, so I can do this first
It takes a long time to get to the stairs. Lan Jingyi simply takes the stairs. It’s faster to take the stairs on the third floor and three floors than to take the stairs.
She walked very fast, and the stairs in high heels clattered. Lan Jingyi was anxious.
"Bang" finally reached the exit on the first floor, but she just flashed out and bumped into a person. "I’m sorry" and blurted out "I’m sorry" before I could see who the bearer was. At the same time, she lifted her legs and walked outside. She was going to buy sanitary napkins.
Chapter 21 Embarrassed to turn over the sky
"Live" and drink low, but with his natural aura, people want to ignore it.
"Chief … President …" Lan Jingyi turned around. "What’s up?" There are still people behind him. If she ignores him and walks away directly, it will be too hard for her to stop and look at him. Don’t delay her life or she will make a fool of herself.
"Don’t move" but didn’t want the man to talk again. It was such a sentence. At the same time, when the long legs slowly stopped to her, that Lan Jingyi was very familiar with masculinity and instantly killed her, which made her feel dizzy. "President …"
LanJingYi sleep around eyes to see her, she can’t escape those eyes is then Jiang Junyue conveniently untied the suit button, he incredibly … Actually took off his coat in public and elegant LanJingYi handsome face a prone extremely ambiguous her ear, "your skirt is wet ` …"
The word "wet" made Lan Jingyi messy in the wind, and she turned over the sky …
"Come with me …" There are so many people and everyone’s eyes are on her and Jiang Jun, but his favorite person took her hand and turned into the president’s ladder.
No one dared to come to her outside the ladder, so he led her inside until the door closed. "What are you doing?"
"Do you want to show off when you are all wet?"
It was so wet that he said it naturally, but she blushed more and more. "I didn’t mean to."
"It’s not the first time for a woman to come to her period, but she can’t even take care of herself." He snorted. "I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of others."
Well, she’s really dumb to do a good deed but have to give herself a bad charge.
"Ding …" What exactly is the president’s special ladder? It soon reached the top floor. "Let’s go." He took her and walked to his office.
"I have my own office" LanJingYi or awkward.
"Do you want many people to know?"
She hung her head. She didn’t mean to, okay?
Section 122
People who followed him into his president’s office were pushed by him to wash their hands. "I’m waiting for the toilet to sit inside. I’ll be right back."
"You … what are you going to do?" Can you sit on the toilet? It won’t solve the practical problem. She can’t sit on the toilet all the time, can she?
"What do you say?" Jiang Junyue raised his eyebrows slightly. "Do you want to get wet and buy Spongebob yourself?"
Lan Jingyi is embarrassed. "Are you … are you going to buy it for me?"
"Well," but I never thought that he really should "okay, I’ll go out first."
"Wait … you wait …" The little hand suddenly caught Jiang Junyue’s arm. Lanjingyi Trail "I can’t buy it at random. I have to … I have to … I have to have cotton mesh."
This is a mess in the wind. "What cotton and what fiber do you mean?"
Lan Jingyi blushed, went to his desk, picked up a pen, and then took a piece of post-it paper to write his usual brand ab cotton mesh, which was extended by two packs at night and two packs a day.
"Well, you go to the mall according to this and ask the salesperson to help you choose it."
"Oh" Jiang Junyue took the turn and left.
He walked so fast that he couldn’t help but want to yell at that woman again when he thought of the blood in Lan Jingyi’s skirt. She was so pregnant that she couldn’t take care of herself.
"Jiang Zong, what are you …" Jiang Han came here with an ordinary ladder.
"Just leave it to you. Don’t wait for me. I have work to do."
"Oh" Jiang Han is really puzzling. I don’t know what happened to the president and Lan Jingyi just now. He even took off his suit jacket and put it on Lan Jingyi. Didn’t he say that he wanted Lan Jingyi to distance himself?
However, he didn’t question Jiang Jun’s strength, so let him, his own woman, and he can do whatever he likes.
"Come on, don’t be curious. Let’s all go to the conference room for a meeting." Looking back, everyone turned out to be as strange as him
Jiang Junyue once again entered the president’s ladder and thought it was too slow.
There is a large shopping mall diagonally opposite Jiang’s. He seldom visits the shopping mall and turns around, but he can’t find out where the spongebobs are hiding.
"Can I help you, sir?" The salesgirl became enthusiastic when she met the handsome guy.
"Who … where is the tampon?" When Jiang Junyue spoke for the first time, his face turned slightly red. If he was not in a hurry to buy it back for Lan Jingyi, he didn’t want to ask others to look for it slowly.
"Oh, turn left at the front and it’s about 200 meters away." The salesman is very happy to be such a handsome guy like Jiang Junyue
"Thank you" Jiang Junyue walked in that direction. Li Xuefeng, a small supermarket in front of Lan Jingyi, used to sell sanitary napkins when he was working. At that time, Lu Wentao also went to make trouble for her. He also bought all the sanitary napkins with torn packages, but looking at that pile, he is still not white. What kinds of sanitary napkins are there?
Finally found the sanitary napkin shelf. After a glance, I found that there were two rows of shelves with ab brand. I picked up a bag to see if it was the kind that Lan Jingyi wanted. Several women also came over here. They all picked up sanitary napkins while watching, so that a big man was no longer embarrassed to look at it carefully. Just take two bags of cotton or fiber on the net. Go back and let her pick it herself. Either throw away all the cotton or you can’t let him choose this kind of thing from a bunch of women.
Walking towards the cashier’s exit with a basket full of sanitary napkins, people passing by couldn’t stop looking at him, making him uncomfortable and eager to fly out of the cashier’s desk.
It happened that it seemed that God was right with him, and there was a long queue at the cashier’s desk. There were more aunts and grandfathers in front than women with children in line. He wanted to cut in line, but he gave up the idea.