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At this moment, the pants were partial, and the spoils rang, stabbing Jiang Junyue’s ear. Who was so persistent that he had to pick it up?

Few people know this number, and one hand can’t count it all.
Jiang Junyue heard Lan Jingyi’s lips moving away from his lips. "Pick up the words quickly. I’m going to take a shower." It’s been so long since I came here from the city. If I don’t take a shower, she feels like she’s going to be a clay figurine. She’s sticky and sick all over. She just takes a shower to relax.
Lan Jingyi opened her luggage, took her pajamas, and went to wash her hands. It was the presidential suite. It felt different. Washing her hands was bigger than her usual bedroom. The bathtub was like a small swimming pool. When she and Jiang Junyue moved in, it was filled with warm air. The air was full of smoke, which made people feel like they were in a fairyland.
Jiang Junyue picked it up outside the bathroom and saw the number with a frown. How long has it been since he heard from this person? He seems to have forgotten about him. After several rings, he picked it up and had a hunch in his heart that something must have happened, otherwise Jiang Hanyu would never take the initiative to call him.
"Go ahead, what is it?" Put him through and ask him coldly. It is because of his affection that He Ling has become what she is now.
"Master was seriously ill and came back quickly. You can’t afford to hide that girl outside the golden house." Jiang Hanyu said "Peng" and hung up.
Chapter 71 Ring hug your arms
He knew something was wrong with a hard throw in his hand, but he didn’t like the news at all.
It was also at this time that he remembered that he refused to pick up He Ling’s words in that number of his mobile phone, and hurriedly turned on the phone and called it over there. It was almost as soon as he got through. "Master LaCrosse is going to be finished. Come back soon. You cousins are all in the hospital. Are you alone? When will you come back?"
Jiang Junyue took the words and turned to the direction of washing his hands. There was a blue view of Yi Zheng taking a bath. He looked at it and said, "The day after tomorrow". It was already very fast for the plane ticket to return to him the day after tomorrow.
桑拿会所  title="Sin, come back to me, or I will never recognize you again." Like Jiang Hanyu, He Ling also hung up angrily.
Jiang Junyue narrowed his eyes and took a deep breath for a long time. He sent a short message to Jiang Han and strode towards washing his hands. The door opened and the bathtub was a looming female body. He gently walked over and couldn’t take his eyes away from Lan Jingyi in the misty smoke …
Skin as coagulated as fat, he doesn’t know when and at which glance, and this woman has entered his heart.
At first, he never wanted to play with her, but at that time, he quietly walked past her stubbornness and unyielding, and finally broke him.
Bowed his head and glanced at his finger tin foil ring. Jiang Junyue smiled gently and immediately picked it, but instead of throwing it away, he carefully put it aside. Lan Jingyi is stingy. A penny can be broken in half. It is not easy to give him this.
Slowly returning clothes and slowly stepping into the bath, Lan Jingyi is still asleep. I have never seen a woman who can sleep so much, but although she can sleep very well, she still can’t lose weight.
The long arm gently hugs her in his arms, and the water temperature is just lukewarm. The hot steam around her is blushing, and the plane ticket means that he will leave her the next day.
Finger abdomen passed over her skin. This time, the hand was a little heavy. When I touched Lan Jingyi, I immediately narrowed my eyes. "Stop it" blurred the line of sight. Jiang Junyue would only disturb her to sleep well.
But Jiang Junyue was determined to wake her up this time, but her cheeks still wandered. When she stopped her lips, she pried open her lips lightly, and her long fingers got into her mouth to touch her soft and fragrant tongue. "Uh-huh …" Lan Jingyi was so disturbed that she couldn’t help but move as if to avoid his fingers, but she couldn’t help but open her eyes. Her eyes were dark and bright, and she looked up at Jiang Junyue. "Stop that now."
"You’ll know soon." When she got dressed, he directly pulled her out of the presidential suite hotel when she saved time. That beautiful lavender modified RV had stopped firmly there. When Lan Jingyi sat down, she felt absolutely queen-like. Because the breakfast table in the carriage had been set, Jiang Junyue sat down and picked up the knife and fork, and she ate it. However, Lan Jingyi was a little stupidly. She didn’t like western food.
He glanced at her and motioned for her to sit down and eat quickly.
Lan Jingyi picked up the knife and fork clumsily, but she couldn’t cut a piece of meat for a long time. She was really bad at moving and looked stupid.
"Ha ha ….." A chuckle immediately before LanJingYi plate was taken away by a big hand, but for a moment that a plate of steak was cut into pieces and then pushed to her. "Let’s eat and have a cup of coffee."
Is he going to surprise her again?
It seems that he has become accustomed to the tone of his work. This time, Lan Jingyi didn’t ask him if he was quietly eating steak on his plate, and his body was sore. Last night, he almost tortured her to death. She really wanted to write a "wolf" word on his forehead. Why did she keep asking her if he was alive or alive, or was he not her?
The steak is very well done. Jiang Junyue’s plate is medium-cooked and bloody. Fortunately, he arranged it this way, otherwise she wouldn’t eat a piece.
After a piece of freshly baked bread and a ham were eaten up, Lan Jingyi felt a little full. He took a sip of his coffee and took a sip. Jiang Junyue had picked up a wet towel and wiped his lips. He was as elegant as a king. "Yi San will arrive at his destination in minutes. No matter what happens, don’t make trouble and don’t importune with me."
LanJingYi white his one eye "I am that person? On the contrary, you are the importune person. "Is he importune her?
"Well, it’s my fault. Here, I’ll give you the password. You know, it’s just like a password lock." Jiang Junyue had pulled out an envelope from a black oversized wallet and handed it to her.
"What?" Lan Jingyi wondered what he gave himself.
"Look at the car."
"Well," she has learned not to be curious now, otherwise he can let her be curious all the time
"Kiss me" He leaned over her head. In the blurred light and shadow, Lan Jingyi felt that his handsome face magnified his deep eyes so that she couldn’t avoid it. He kissed his face and then moved away. When the car stopped, he smiled and looked at her. "Car."
Lan Jingyi got into the car without thinking, looked up and realized that the building facing him was a hospital. "What are you doing here?"
Jiang Junyue said to a woman aside, "Take her."
When the woman got off the bus, "Miss Lan, my name is Rose and I’ll take you there" is very pure Chinese. If she didn’t have blonde hair and white skin, Lan Jingyi would have been from China.
"Okay, thank you."
"Miss Lan, please come with me." So Rose led her to the hospital, and she followed closely.
I don’t ask anyway, I’ll know everything when I go in, but her heart is pounding at every step. Is it mom?
Mom is in the hospital again?
Because Jiang Junyue said she would take her to see her mother when she came.
Wait, where’s Jiang Junyue?
When Lan Jingyi suddenly stopped and looked back, the lavender RV with a white background had disappeared. "Where is Rose?" Intuition tells her that Rose knows everything.
"Oh, Mr. Jiang went to the airport."
"I went to the airport …" Lan Jingyi murmured a word and immediately exploded. "Is he going back to China?" And throw it here with her and mom? She can’t believe that he left without saying goodbye, but it’s wrong. Did he just ask her to kiss him goodbye?
Very special way to kiss goodbye.
"It’s Mr. Jiang who is going back to China." Rose calmly stated a fact. Lan Jingyi discovered that the stupidest and most stupid person had always been himself. She was the only one who didn’t know that he had already decided to leave.
Leaving like this is definitely not a surprise.
Lonely, as Rose entered the hospital, there were strangers everywhere. Fortunately, Rose was there. Although she just met Rose, Rose was introduced to her by Jiang Junyue. Only by this, she looked at Rose kindly.
Take the ladder and slowly arrive at the inpatient department of the hospital. When the ladder stops at that floor, when she goes out with Rose, her heart keeps beating violently when she sees the nephrology card. Isn’t it better that her mother is ill?
If it wasn’t better, the hospital in the city wouldn’t let her out of the hospital, but now what mother has moved in?
A lot of questions are never asked.
Rose stopped in front of a door, and Lan Jingyi looked up at the house number, which was the vip ward of the hospital.
Gently push the door and a quiet hospital bed. Lan Qing is lying there with her eyes narrowed, but even if she opened the door lightly, she woke her up. When she saw that it was Lan Jingyi, her eyes lit up and then went dark. "Who asked you to come?"
Chapter 72 inexplicable photos
Gently push the door and a quiet hospital bed. Lan Qing is lying there with her eyes narrowed, but even if she opened the door lightly, she woke her up. When she saw that it was Lan Jingyi, her eyes lit up and then went dark. "Who asked you to come?"
"Mom, what’s going on? Aren’t you better? Why did you come into the hospital again? " Lan Jingyi rushed to the bed, feeling weak and weak, and her mother was still sick. What is this?