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Lan Jingyi put something in and entered the number into the old man’s house before saying, "Do you want me to deliver it for you?" Looking at her back, the big bag old man frowned.

"Nothing, I’m right. Uncle hasn’t told me your name yet?" The number was entered, but she still didn’t know the name and surname of the other party.
Lu bowen
"Lu … Bo … Wen …" Lan Jingyi lost one word at a time before putting away "Liu Bobo goodbye and good night". There is a kind of inarticulate familiarity that overflows her old man’s house, but whenever she wants to capture it, she can’t capture anything.
"Bye, girl. Good night."
Girl …
The two words are familiar and cordial. When Lan Jingyi suddenly realized, she finally remembered that when she was very young, an uncle often came to the house to play, often told her stories and played games with her. After she grew up quietly, he never appeared again. Goodbye at this time. Looking at the old man’s face, her heart suddenly jumped. "Are you Wentao’s father?" It’s so similar. That surname finally reminds her of who he is.
When she was a child, she didn’t know that Uncle Lu had a family, a wife and a son.
The old man’s light response also reminded Lan Jingyi of Lu Xiaoqi. No wonder Lu Xiaoqi wanted to get back at himself and his mother. It turned out that it was really her mother who had intervened in other people’s lives. She suddenly felt a little confused about whether she wanted her mother to be linked or not.
I went downstairs, took a shower and lay in bed. The bedroom was quiet. Lan Qing and the two little things had already fallen asleep, so she tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep alone.
Just get dressed and get up. She wants to go out for a walk, just walk in the community.
She changed her clothes and put on shoes and went out. She thought she was crazy, too. She didn’t sleep in the middle of the night and wanted to go for a walk, but she couldn’t help it. She just couldn’t get Lu Bowen out of her mind.
"Click" as soon as the door was unscrewed, the body flashed outside, but at the same time, the next door opened with a black lacrosse on Xijiang River. It also flashed out and heard the ring. He looked up at her, and she looked up at him. Both of them were Zheng Lanjingyi at the same time. Naturally, they knew that he was sending Yin Qingrou back, but should they leave when everyone came?
"What a coincidence …" A slightly embarrassed smile, but she would rather not meet him.
"Where are you going so late? I’ll see you off. "He stopped before her and didn’t mean to leave.
Lan Jingyi kept walking forward, saying, "I can’t sleep, I just want to walk around the community. Hehe, I’m not going anywhere."
"What’s the matter? Encountered unhappy things? " The tall figure bets on the corridor floor, and the shadow is pulled obliquely, so that Lan Jingyi can’t help walking on his shadow. She smells the man behind her and thinks that he just came out of Yin Qing’s soft room, and his throat is choked. "No, I just can’t sleep. I met Wentao’s father when I came back tonight."
"Lu Bowen?"
"You know?" The world can’t be so small, can it? She knows everyone, and he knows everyone?
"Your mother and your father are almost the same. I know that Lu Bowen liked Aunt Sunny when he was young." When he entered the ladder, he stood beside her and looked at her eyes. Those dark eyes seemed to see through her and made her unconsciously bow her head. "Can you tell me what your mother is going to push my father into the sea?" She wanted to ask him this question for a long time, because the client He Ling was his mother, and she never knew how to say it, but at this moment, he said it was a good time for her to ask him.
Jiang Junyue’s figure was stagnant and a dull flash flashed in his eyes. "Do you really want to know?"
It was a "ding" that stopped "go out and talk"
Two people walked into the night in tandem. There are not many five buildings in the community. At this time, it is very quiet and a livable community.
桑拿按摩Not far away, there was a lawn, and Lan Jingyi walked towards it, followed Jiang Junyue by her side. At this time, two figures stretched together, and it was like two parallel lines extending forward and then extending, but there would be no intersection.
"Yiyi is because of my father" In the quiet night, Jiang Junyue broke the original silence.
"Your father?" Lan Jingyi is confused. Is He Ling pushing his father because of Wang Hanyu? This is a bit weird, isn’t it? If He Ling is jealous, it should be a woman. What is her father?
"This …"
"When it comes to this, do you want to keep something from me? I know you all know. "
"Yi yi …"
"Speak, or I won’t let you pick up Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang." She threatened him.
I don’t know how much determination was made in the sentence "My father is gay", and finally Jiang Junyue said it.
LanJingYi paused "gay? What about you? " She remembered that someone said that Cheng Qingyang was the only one who had an affair.
"I’m not a guy who I hate most, you know? Because of my father’s behavior, my mother has never been happy since the day I married him, and even if I go home, I won’t live with my mother. I’ve been envious of those families and harmonious families since I was a child except quarreling." Jiang Junyue kicked a small stone and caught Lan Jingyi with his hand. "Yiyi, I really hope these are fake."
She tasted it again, didn’t she
"But your mother still has you."
"Ha ha, it was an accident. It was a very special accident. My father was drugged by my mother and he was attacked. It is normal for my mother to have me. Yiyi, do you hate me?"
Listening to him gently as if afraid of scaring her, she shook her head. "Why hate you? Actually, you are also a victim. I want to tell my mother. "She doesn’t know how her mother will react, but she never gave up looking for her father. She knew how deep her mother felt for her father. But there are some things to say. If her mother can let everything go, can she and Jiang Junyue let it go? Then there are two children. Children are really kooky. She can’t bear to let them live in a single-parent family for a generation.
"No, don’t talk about Yiyi. Will you tell Aunt Qing when I find out something?" As soon as Jiang Junyue grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him, "Let me check when I give me some more, okay?"
Lan Jingyi leaned against his arms and listened to his powerful breathing. She closed her eyes and wanted to stop time at this moment, thinking that she and he were the only ones left in this world to "lean and hold me tight".
In the quiet night, they stood in the darkness, and she forgot that he just came out of Yin Qingrou’s small apartment to want him to hold her. She cherished them together and cherished this wonderful time every minute.
Big hands tightly around her petite body and jaw against her bright forehead, new stubble rubbing against her skin, and she loved this moment.
"Promise me that you will be happy." The magnetic voice made her drunk in the night, but it was at this moment that she clasped her hands and slowly released his lips. She printed a kiss on her forehead, "Good night baby."
"Good night." She turned to him and watched him go further and further until the figure disappeared, and she could not bear to take back her sight.
His father loves her father.
He said he wasn’t gay, so she believed that he wasn’t. No matter what others said, he didn’t believe his story of Cheng Qingyang.
Chapter 22 Looking forward to a miracle
"Mom, I met Uncle Lu when I came back last night. I left his phone number. Do you want him to contact me?" It’s not good to get up with a yawn. Why don’t you two kids stay with them if they don’t get up?
"Which Uncle Lu?" LanQing is to small ooze ooze clothes have no reaction to come over and asked.
Lu bowen
"Oh no"