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"Then go sit down and see if Manager Jiang will let you drive?"

"Well, you know, I’ve never seen a woman except Lan Mi Jiang."
"No, I heard that there was a beloved woman in front of President Jiang. I don’t know why that girl suddenly disappeared and now she’s back. Do you think it’s the blue secret rival?"
"Ahem ….." Mr.wong coughed up. The two girls in their sales department didn’t know that Lan Jingyi had been transferred to the sales department to be a manager directly under the guest room. I didn’t know that Lan Jingyi had just taken their commercial car. The two of them took the innermost row of cars, so they didn’t notice that they finally came to Lan Jingyi. He didn’t stop the two female employees from being afraid of disaster.
"Manager wang did you catch a cold or something? I didn’t say anything about you. What are you coughing up? " On weekdays, people in the sales department are used to joking, and Mr. Wang is all mixed up. His coughing two girls didn’t pay any attention to it as a joke
Mr. Wang’s face is a little red. He is still a big man. He quickly turned to Lan Jingyi. "Blue manager, girls are joking. Don’t take it seriously."
The two girls were all silly when they looked in the direction of Lanjingyi along the line of sight of mr.wong. "Blue … blue secret …"
"It’s time to change my mind. Manager Lan has been the guest manager of our site, and she has to contact us for follow-up contact after she gets the guest."
"Blue manager, please take more photos." The two girls were a little embarrassed just before they were born in sales. At this moment, they have been generously handed over their little hands. "Blue manager, when you come to our department, our department will grow up, and we will never be afraid that people in other departments will be arrogant to us."
"Manager Lan, this dress of yours is working girl, isn’t it? Gee, it suits you very well. You are so beautiful."
A series of compliments disdained her when she changed her previous divination. Lan Jingyi smiled "Thank you". This is the world where people have such a baiwenhang. This is nothing unusual. This is life. Can you talk about divination and chat? If you talk, just talk about Kan Kan. Others are born to entertain their lives.
It seems that she will get used to hearing that later.
Mom is right. You can’t be angry. You can’t make fun of others. It’s not worth it to be angry with yourself.
The word Lan Jingyi is no longer wordy, and the people in the car are quiet because of her appearance. It seems that at this moment, they already know that the disaster is coming from their mouths, especially the first two chattering female employees. Who knows what Lan Jingyi and the president are now? But everyone knows that she gave birth to Jiang Junyue. It is said that even if the president falls in love with an old lover again, he can’t ignore that he gave birth to a woman.
But everything can’t be generalized. What if you have a baby? Haven’t you married her yet? Although you are engaged, you are engaged to get married, but engagement is two different things. There is no legal guarantee for marriage.
To what extent will the president of Suo Lan Jingyi develop? Everyone has to know if he doesn’t offend anyone, so he has to leave some room for himself.
This sudden silence made Lan Jingyi particularly embarrassed. It was all because of her. If it weren’t for her, this car would be very lively. She doubted whether she should come to such a party.
The commercial car finally stopped. Lan Jingyi was in a trance and caught a glimpse of the super eye-catching lavender RV not far away. That’s what she wanted to ignore. Is Jiang Junyue here?
Or will the bus arrive before them?
It seems very likely that this is because he always drives very fast, and this commercial car just really drove very slowly.
"Mr. Wang just sent me a short message from my mother …" She didn’t want to go in and see him again, which would be awkward.
"Mr. Wang is a coincidence, and I have just arrived." But before she finished her words, Jane came, and he handed me the slender and bony hand toward Mr. Wang, which was once familiar to her.
Jane feili also found her when Lan Jingyi turned her head. "Jingyi, what a coincidence that you are here."
Unfortunately, she came because of him.
"Miss Jane Lan is now the customer manager of our sales department. You can also communicate with her directly if you have any production problems." Manager Wang immediately introduced Lan Jingyi.
"Jingyi, congratulations."
What’s there to congratulate? She is the most thankless job. It’s the guest who wants to see the guest’s face. She smiles, and her small hand falls off Jane’s palm, feeling his grip as if to hold her in his hand. "Thank you."
She said lightly that her eyes were gloomy, and they all said that she had a new love and an old love. Hehe, she also had an old love, right? Old love is simple but not divorced.
Seeing him again, she felt sorry for him.
"Jane should always go in together." Her current status made her at a loss what to call him.
"Call me if I have to leave. Jingyi, when did you get so heretical with me?" Jane has finally let go of her hand, and the two of them walked side by side with Mr.wong behind them towards the bar in front of her. She didn’t expect Mr.wong to choose a commotion, but it’s not surprising that Jiang Junyue came to the commotion. He always likes to come here. When she first met him, it was a commotion.
桑拿会所Nine people walked into the commotion and went straight to the vip box inside. The decoration was particularly elegant and luxurious, especially the sofa. You Shu "It’s Jane’s first time here. It looks really good. It’s very kind of you to suggest." Mr. Wang said politely.
"Oh, I, my guests often come here and talk about it. I have vip cards here, and drinks can be discounted. Today, I will pay for it. Everyone is free."
"How can that be? You’re a guest. Jane can’t."
"Ha ha, everyone is friends after class. Let’s not talk about business tonight, but say we’re out for fun."
When several female employees saw Jane being so generous, they couldn’t help glancing at him. One of them was actually posted in Lan Jingyi. "Manager Lan, are you classmates?"
"Yeah, college classmates."
"Manager Lan is looking for an opportunity to introduce me to Jane. Jane is always a good-looking person." The female staff wanted to glance at Jane and didn’t want to look away.
"Good" Lan Jingyi picked up a glass of red wine on the table and poured it into his throat without thinking, then poured it again.
Here, you can play cards, mahjong, drink and chat, and you can do whatever you want with karaoke. All the equipment is available. The venue has already had a sales department where a man and a woman cuddled and danced with each other. The picture is really hot. Lan Jingyi found that the girl is much more open than she was then. If she never dared to cuddle with the former man.
Cup after cup, people drink, chat or sing and dance, and she drinks alone. There are many people sitting in the corner drinking, but she feels lonely as if she were alone.
The neon lights are flashing before you know it.
I was about to pour another glass of wine and suddenly pressed her hand. "Jingyi, don’t drink. You’ve drunk a lot." People kept saying Jane didn’t deliberately talk to her, but he saw how much she drank. This woman had something on her mind. He saw it
"Not much. I’m not drunk at all. Hehe, I have to leave. Someone just asked me to be a matchmaker. Do you want to try to associate with others?" She smiled and said that he was still as handsome and charming as before, but how much did she love him then?
But I finally followed Jiang Junyue.
Suddenly I thought, is it the same with Yin Qingrou Jiang Junyue?
It seems very likely
Section 117
What a mess
She shook her head to stop thinking.
"No, I have a lover" but I never thought that the man around me suddenly said so low, "And you are not suitable to be a matchmaker at all."
"What?" Lan Jingyi lifted her little face and shook the goblet in her hand. Looking at the ripples that kept shaking, she felt dizzy and her head became more and more unclear.
"Because you haven’t married yourself, hehe"
Jane’s voice is still so beautiful, magnetic and pleasing to the ear, as she once remembered. Blue Scene, a pair of blurred eyes fell on his cheek. "Who said that you can’t be a matchmaker if you don’t get married?" Jane bullied me from you. She was a little drunk and had been drinking without eating anything. She was really drunk.
"Jing Yimin Ru has returned to China."
"ah? What? " When I heard that name, Lan Jingyi almost jumped up. It was Ji Minru, and she broke up with Jane.
Chapter 22 Sorry
"Min Ru has returned to China with her husband and children. She is well. Let’s get together another day."
"Really? Minru is married? " What sounds as unreal as a dream? Did the girl who once left Jane and loved her life more than suicide really marry someone? Besides, it’s not simple to get married. Should it be so chaotic? She’s lost.
"Well, it’s only been a hundred days since I got married, and I’m younger than you."
"Boys and girls?" As soon as the woman talked about this, the box opened more than she forgot to drink all the time, so Jane kept chatting with Lan Jingyi.
"Ha-ha, then I can marry her. I have a son. I can marry her daughter. Ha-ha, but if my son is not afraid of my family, there is still a small ooze. Hey, hey, is it a good life to leave me? You see, I have a pair of children as soon as I am born?" She proudly killed a glass of Jane and tried to stop it, but she felt that it was not good to stop it too much in front of people. After all, Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue’s employees could not have been unaware that he was really worried. He quietly took her before drinking it and put