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So teasing him, he felt that he might eat her up before he could get married.

Although they stick together every day for more than a year, she is very shy, and he doesn’t want to always show affection and stop being polite if he doesn’t respect her before marriage
But he knows what he’s been holding back
Especially now he really wants to tear her clothes so that she can breathe on her own.
It’s a pity that South-South didn’t feel the danger at all and blushed and continued, "Then we’ll have two children, preferably a son and a daughter …"
Tracing the cause can’t help but gently pinch her tender face "listen to you"
He can barely control the evil fire by sitting in a precarious position.
Nannan is quite shy, but she also wants to make her lover happy.
She looked at Lu Xun’s serious face, and he was sad and couldn’t help but take the initiative to kiss him.
Lu Xun felt that she might be burst by someone in her arms.
spa会所All his restraint was to break the work in one second and directly kiss her on the back of the head.
When he arrived at Nannan’s door, the car stopped for a long time before he stopped plundering her
South-South gasped heavily against his shoulder.
He imprisoned his slender waist and said, "Baby, let’s get married."
South-South stare big eyes.
Is this a proposal to her?
Section 37
Gu Changyu was sent away before Gu Changning and Xu Xin’s wedding.
Because after that meeting Ding Shishi and Nannan, she had to make a scene every day. On several occasions, she treated the servants as Ding Shishi and Nannan punched and kicked them.
She’s out of her mind.
The invitation was also sent out because of the date. It is impossible for Gu Changning to postpone the wedding.
But he personally sent Gu Changyu to Switzerland.
The environment there is very good and suitable for rest.
And waiting for Gu Changyu is naturally those internationally renowned psychologists.
Xu Xin didn’t stop Gu Changning.
She wouldn’t have stopped Gu Changning from being kind to Gu Changyu if the facts hadn’t violated the principle.
After all, she is also his sister.
She despises Gu Changyu and hates Gu Changyu, but Gu Changyu has become a ghost, and there is no need for her to cling to it.
What’s more, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun both have their own homes.
This is the biggest punishment for Gu Changyu.
After the wedding of Gu Changning and Xu Xin, Lu Xun and South-South wedding were ushered in.
Lu Xun is finally anxious to marry South-South.
What about Nannan? She loves Lu Xun so much. Of course, she listens to Lu Xun.
Make Ding Shishi and Xu Xin laugh at her. She has no concentration and is completely confused by beauty.
But in the end, the wedding day will come to the end of autumn.
Although Lu Xun looks much more stuffy than Gu Changning, he is much more romantic than Gu Changning.
He asked for wedding leave and planned to travel with Nan Nan after the wedding.