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"Are you just assuming that the actual success story can be obtained?" Yu Linjiang threw away the plan handed over by former Yu Tingchuan. "It’s better to please the Japanese than to do a good job at hand. It’s good enough to develop in the future, and you don’t need to go to new fields to be the leader."

Yu Tingchuan’s long legs crossed and leaned back to look at his father’s eyes. "It’s not a bad thing to be stable, but if you are too conservative, you will go uphill one day."
Yulinjiang’s attitude is firm. "Even if I go uphill, I don’t want to see it being tossed into four elephants by you."
Then he looked at Yutingchuan again. "It’s not sad to have a child without you."
Yu Tingchuan said, "Sometimes you don’t need to put on a face when you are sad."
"I think you are a face of spring breeze." The light in Yulinjiang’s mouth is more profound. "By relying on a miscarriage, there is no child."
"If I don’t do that, I’m afraid you can’t sit here and talk to me now."
Yu Linjiang smiled, "Everyone regards children as chips, so you two are also worthy."
Listen to who Yulinjiang refers to. Yutingchuan looks as usual. After a while, he also smiles. "Your hand is a Shengmao shopping mall. Anyone who is hit by this pie will be dizzy. I knew that you were interested in Sun Yi, but I didn’t expect you to be so concerned about my child."
Yu Linjiang’s eyes are cool. "You’re curious enough to be so refined that you’re still being calculated by a woman that you can’t even control your own face. After people are pregnant, people want to do business with Hengyuan. Do you want to send a woman to your bed?"
At this time, Yu Tingchuan got up, holding the edge of the table with both hands and looking at the face of Yu Linjiang. "Others have sent you women. You have enjoyed the children and have not seen you promise to marry others."
Yu Linjiang’s forehead veins stood out, but there was no answer.
Yu Tingchuan slowly let go. "It is said that Xiao Fu, no matter how bad I am, I will not portrait you in this respect."
Words fall and turn to leave.
Yulinjiang said, "Don’t mess around. It’s your sister."
See YuTingChuan stop YuLinJiang looked at his back, "since it is abortion shouldn’t pull koo, her life is acting this hobby is not worth your mind to deal with her"
Yu Tingchuan turned back. "You think too much about me. If she is kidnapped abroad now, do you also think that I manipulated her?"
Yulinjiang watched him not do it.
Yu Tingchuan said, "I’ll go back to the office if there’s nothing else."
"I just went to see Jia Zhi" Yu Linjiang began.
He didn’t shy away from Yu Tingchuan’s line of sight and went straight to say, "Jiazhi is a good girl. You are 34 years old, not 14 years old. If you have had enough fun, you can toss it with me before you get back to the right path. It’s just that a woman born like a child is not worthy to sit in the position of Yu Jiaer’s wealthy family."
Yu Tingchuan said, "I know my own business, so don’t worry about it."
"How many do you have?" Yu Linjiang’s face is gloomy. "If you had a number, you wouldn’t let her give you the whole Yu family set. I said that you wouldn’t inherit Hengyuan, so you deliberately found such a woman to block my eyes for the rest of my life?"
Yulin river cold hum "you want to find someone to co-star in this play also depends on whether people are willing to play with you. When the child was born, I rowed Sheng Mao to her name before I broke up with you. Are you me? Then you look down on yourself and think that my little girl has a shallow eyelid and has never seen the world? Somebody else’s appetite is much bigger than you think. "
Yu Tingchuan said slowly, "If you think too much, you can’t think too much."
"How can you still recognize that the little girl is dead set on you?" Yu Linjiang sneered with sarcasm. "If you take off this layer of boss Hengyuan, I’m afraid she won’t even look at you. My little girl is very powerful. You think she has affection for you. I’m sorry, but I didn’t see it. If you can’t have a baby, I don’t think she is so quiet. If you want to be in charge of this group, you want to make yourself clear about this trivial matter!"
Different people have different judgments on the same thing, such as company policy. You choose to be stable and I choose to keep moving forward.
Yu Tingchuan said, "The same is true for women."
"…" Yulinjiang pinched her lips.
"I’m afraid I know better than you what kind of woman she is and whether she has feelings for me."
Yu Linjiang sarcastically said "I really think I am a lover"
"Not as good as you"
Yutingchuan lost these three words and walked to the office door.
Yu Linjiang looked at this mature and tall man and then thought that when he was young, he was the most like him, both in appearance and personality, but also the least pleasing to him. When Yu Tingchuan opened the office door, he finally didn’t hold back his mouth. "You marry Gu Jiazhi and I can put you on the board of directors at the meeting."
The voice fell and the door closed again.
Yu Linjiang was so angry that he clenched his teeth and hated to scold "Inverse!"
When Yu Tingchuan came out of the chairman’s office, he didn’t go directly back to his office and passed by coffee, but his pace slowed down a little.
In the coffee, the chairman secretly chatted with several female employees with a smile.
夜网论坛  title=Yutingchuan changed direction and went in.
With his back to the door, the chairman of the board was talking about interesting things in the group to make the new female employees happy. Suddenly, she noticed that the atmosphere had changed. The female employees stopped laughing and turned around and went their separate ways. When he went back to see Yu Tingchuan, he was scared out of his mind.
After thinking about it, I decided to write a chapter on Lao Yu’s situation and thoughts, which is beneficial for everyone to understand him better in the following story.
☆, Chapter 155 Just forget it.
"Yu … Yu Zong"
The chairman doesn’t know how long it’s been before Yu Tingchuan’s door. It’s embarrassing and embarrassing to chat with colleagues when I think of my class.
As soon as he opens his mouth, she looks like she just saw Yu Tingchuan say hello and shout manager Yu.
Yu Tingchuan leans into his trouser pocket with one hand and looks around. Finally, he falls back to the chairman’s secret face and casually says, "I was dumb as soon as I came in."
No matter how easy-going the big boss is, it also gives people a sense of distance