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Real Madrid won the 21 ST leading stand, and all the fans of Real Madrid gave a warm cheer.

The commentator shook their heads and conclude that Real Madrid will win the championship and complete the triple crown.
The strength of the two teams is very different. It was an accident that Real Madrid conceded the goal.
With Lu Wenbin’s appearance, Athletic Bilbao can’t finish the comeback when the score is behind.
Sure enough, Athletic Bilbao still didn’t score before the half-time, but Real Madrid scored again.
This time, Lu Wenbin took the ball and was knocked down by the opposing defender Amore Beta. Lu Wenbin personally took the penalty for this self-created Italian ball.
Lu Wenbin kicked the ball directly into the corner by opening the Italian ball skill.
Lu Wenbin scored twice and Real Madrid entered the halftime with a 31-lead.
At the beginning of the half-time athletic competition in Bilbao, a wave of onslaught was launched. Li Harvey Alonso broke through the defensive line of the back waist and completed a long-range shot from the forbidden zone line of Biba striker Laurent.
Although casillas dived into the ball, he only touched it with his fingertips and finally hit the post and bounced into the net.
After all, Athletic Bilbao broke the goal of Real Madrid on its own and tied the score to 23. All fans of Bilbao and Atletico applauded and cheered, hoping that the team would make persistent efforts to equalize and reverse the score.
But real Madrid’s defence and the ball
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The door is not so easy to break.
When it came, Athletic Bilbao never realized its desire to break Real Madrid’s goal.
Instead, their own goal was repeatedly broken by Real Madrid.
In the 67th minute, Luo took the ball back and broke into the forbidden area. Defender iraola put him down and the referee awarded him a penalty.
Luo was going to give the ball to Lu Wenbin, but Lu Wenbin didn’t accept it.
Italy’s goal is acceptable. Someone else made a penalty. Lu Wenbin won’t want him and doesn’t lack goals.
Although he needs a hat trick in this game, he doesn’t need Luo Rang to give him this penalty.
Seeing that he didn’t accept Ronaldo and didn’t say much, he kicked a penalty into the goal and Real Madrid led 42.
Two goals behind, the athletic offensive in Bilbao is even more fierce.
We cann’t even do it without attacking
If you attack, you may not win by scoring, but if you don’t attack, you will lose.
So in the first minute, he attacked Athletic Bilbao without scoring and was hit back by Real Madrid.
This time, it was Khedira’s steal. After seeing his teammates steal, Lu Wenbin threw off the close-fitting defense. De Marcos turned and rushed to Athletic Bilbao at half-time.
Lu Wenbin’s full speed is very fast, soon surpassing Zema and defending Ekza, and others are about to fall offside.
At this time, Harvey Alonso, who had received Khedira’s ball, kicked the ball into the frontcourt with a big foot in his foot.
Lu Wenbin adjusted his running speed while watching the flying direction of the ball, which was affected a little bit. He was forced to defend Amore’s pursuit without forming a single knife.
However, Lu Wenbin’s full-value skills and creativity made him stuck. After he occupied the landing point, he didn’t stop the ball and tried to turn around and pass. Instead, he suddenly stretched out his foot and picked the ball from the top of the center back Amorebetta behind him.
Then he turned around and rushed past Amore Bieta.
Amorebetta Lu Wenbin will stop the ball and adjust it. Lu Wenbin can’t catch the ball and can turn around and pull Lu Wenbin.
However, Lu Wenbin’s physique is too good. Amore Belta didn’t even pull Lu Wenbin. He was pulled free by Lu Wenbin and the front of the forbidden area received the ball he picked up.
Then before the ball landed, Lu Wenbin rushed back to prevent another central defender, Ekza, from stretching his foot and damaging the ball with a volley.
The ball crossed a parabola and hung over the front goalkeeper Eliasos to save "bang" the edge of the beam and then bounced into the net.
The commentator shouted
"hat trick Lu wenbin finished the hat trick again."
"After the Champions League final, Lu Wenbin scored a hat-trick in the King’s Cup final, and will lead Real Madrid to win the Spanish King’s Cup, which has never been a triple crown in the history of Real Madrid."
"florentino, the first triple champion in the history of the tenth Champions League, gambled on Lu Wenbin and made a complete profit."
The commentators sang praises to Lu Wenbin, and the fans were excited and cheered in the stands. When celebrating, Lu Wenbin scored a goal. Instead of hugging his teammates to celebrate, he ran to the table where the players’ families looked. First, he gestured to Keita’s position, and then he rushed over to Kate to hug and celebrate.
The commentators suddenly divined.
"Oh, Lu Wenbin didn’t celebrate with his teammates this time but went to show his love to his girlfriend."
"Not his girlfriend, but his fiancee Lu Wenbin proposed to Kate only two days ago."
"Lu Wenbin showed his love to Kate in front of the world media and fans and announced their love to the world."
夜生活"Lu Wenbin gave this hat trick and the King’s Cup to his girlfriend."
Seeing this scene, the fans gave a thunderous clap.
Even those women who are jealous of Kate can continue to envy and envy, but they can change the fact that Lu Wenbin and Lu Wenbin are unmarried, and Lu Wenbin also shows his love in public and sprinkles dog food on them.
After Kate hugged and kissed in public, Lu Wenbin returned to the field and his teammates high-fived to celebrate and continued the game.
Chapter 575 Triple Crown Real Madrid
After Lu Wenbin scored a hat trick and Real Madrid led 52, the game was over.
The gap between the three balls is only a little more than 1 minute, and it is impossible for the time base to turn over again.
In this case, the average team may give up.
But Athletic Bilbao is not an ordinary team, and they still haven’t given up.
After the game resumed, Biba players gave up the defensive line pressure attack on Lu Wenbin, Zema and others, hoping to play a Jedi comeback.
However, the Jedi comeback is not so easy to perform, especially in the face of casillas guarding the goal and Pepe, Carvalho, Ramos, Khedira and others forming a defense line
Although Athletic Bilbao attacked Real Madrid at half-time in the last few minutes, it was almost difficult to get into the forbidden area, which made it even worse and threatened to shoot.
As time went by, Mourinho began to change players to give him a substitute field to celebrate the championship.
In the 92nd minute of stoppage time, Athletic Bilbao’s long-range shot forced casillas to make a save and saved the ball from the baseline. Biba got a corner.
Coming here is probably the last attack of Athletic Bilbao.
Therefore, not only two central defenders, but also goalkeeper Eliasos rushed to the forbidden area of Real Madrid to fight for the corner kick, and the goal of Athletic Bilbao was over.
Naturally, Real Madrid players, including Lu Wenbin, also fought back for the last attack to prevent athletic Bilbao from scoring.
Although the goal did not affect Real Madrid’s championship, it always felt bad to be scored in the end.
Except for the corner kick, there are 21 people on both sides, and there are many conflicts outside the forbidden area of Real Madrid
After two consecutive warnings, the referee finally got bored and blew the penalty whistle directly, regardless of the pulling and pushing of both sides in the forbidden area.
Then Biba player Gomez sent a corner ball across the crowd and landed at the back of the small forbidden area.
Biba Bazhong striker Lorant happened to be there, but Ramos occupied the position, jumped high against the impact of Lorant, grabbed the first point and tossed the ball to the outside of the forbidden area.
Recently, Khedira and Biba midfielder Martins rushed to the ball landing point at the same time, and the ball was pushed by Martins to Chadeira’s interference. The ball flew to the top of the arc in the forbidden area and just landed on Alonso’s foot.
From Ramos’ top to the first point when the ball was pushed out of the forbidden area, the players from both sides began to retreat. The goalkeeper Eliasos, who didn’t grab the ball, quickly ran to his goal.
But how can people go faster than the ball?