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"Did the doctor encounter a kidney source?" The first thing Lan Jingyi does every morning is to rush to the doctor’s office to ask about the kidney source, which is Lan Qing’s only hope now.

"I’m sorry, not yet. We’re trying to find it."
She knew it would be like this, and the result was the same story every day, but she didn’t wonder that the doctor’s kidney source could be met but not sought. The first thing is to have it, and the second thing is to have a mother to match it, but it’s simple to say, but it’s really 10 thousand to find it. It may be too difficult.
Coming out of the doctor’s office, Lan Jingyi’s heart is once again confused. This is a kind of suffering every day. Every step to the mother’s ward is so sad.
"Ding …" is a short message.
夜网论坛Lan Jingyi’s consciousness turned pink in her hand. This was when Jiang Junyue gave her a short message but she was stunned.
That’s MMS "Ding …" It’s ringing again and another MMS has been sent.
Photos are one after another.
Through those photos, she found that the background of those photos should be the city airport, because she saw the words airport city, and the photos were enough to send her to ten levels of hell
It turned out that as soon as he left, she found a new lover and had already kicked her away.
Lan Jingyi quietly looked at the photo in the corridor, smiling and happy, holding Jiang Junyue’s daughter. I have to say that the woman is very beautiful and very suitable for Jiang Junyue’s dress. It is even more decent and valuable at first glance.
There are women like that who deserve to be distinguished. Jiang Junyue, she knew she was not suitable for him. She told herself not to let him go together, but before she knew it, he went together.
A mournful smile made Lan Jingyi close. She told herself not to think about the man in the photo, but she couldn’t get rid of the Uber face.
Tears streamed down Lan Jingyi curled up and sat on a bench by the corridor wall, never trying to walk back to the hospital.
After sitting for more than two hours, my mother called. She disappeared for so long. Can my mother not worry? "Mom, I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want to buy something? I’ll be back in a minute. "She was as cheerful as possible, but her heart was dripping with blood.
Chapter 73 You are pregnant
Lanqing didn’t want her to go back early.
Hang up and dry your tears. She should go back. I really can’t worry mom.
I bought some apples, or I went to the supermarket and didn’t buy anything. My mother will be worried. I went to the hospital and went to public health to wash my face. This is better. I hope that when I see my mother later, she won’t think much.
When Lan Jingyi quietly pushed the door and entered the hospital bed, Lan Qing was asleep. An Xiang had a faint smile on his face, but there was a man sitting in front of the bed beside her. The man was about the same age as Lan Qing. At this time, he was sitting there quietly watching Lan Qing hear the door open and turned his head. "Is Yi?"
"Are you …" Lan Jingyi hesitated. After all, it was a stranger or the first time she saw him. Even her mother allowed him to come in, she was still a little suspicious.
"Oh, I am Joe # 226; John, you can just call me John, right? I want to talk to you, "John said in a low voice.
Lan Jingyi could see that John looked dignified and seemed to have something important to say "yes" to her.
Two people together out of the LanQing ward came to the public balcony at the end of the corridor and sat down.
"Go ahead, Mr. John."
"Oh, yes" seems to be a bit difficult to say. John paused before adding, "Someone asked me that he could give your mother a kidney source."
"Really?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. At this moment, she was so happy that she forgot the photo of Jiang Junyue holding together.
"It’s …"
"How much is it? Many, aren’t they? " Lan Jingyi didn’t think much about anything. He wanted money.
But I don’t want Mr. John to directly say, "It’s not a condition."
"What conditions?" Faint LanJingYi also detect the wrong, it seems that this condition should be bad for her.
"The man said that you must leave Jiang Junyue and never go to see him, otherwise you and your mother will …"
Lan Jingyi just laughed and went to this moment. Her heart was complicated and her mind flashed across Jiang Junyue. The photo shows that she should have promised at once, but I don’t know what she really wanted to promise at this moment. Her heart was very uncomfortable.
"The man said to give you a day to think about it. If you don’t agree, forget it."
Lan Jingyi looked back at the door of the mother’s ward on one side of the corridor, where her mother’s life was fading away bit by bit. If she didn’t agree, Mother’s Day would be few days.
And how far can she and Jiang Junyue go? She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened her mouth, "Mr. John, I’ll give you an answer someday." It was also at this moment that she suddenly felt that even if he didn’t want her, she didn’t want to see him for the rest of her life, even if she met him occasionally or far away.
"Ok, I’ll go back to the hotel and wait for your reply. Tell her I’ll see her again tomorrow when your mother wakes up."
"thank you"
Mr. John left Lan Jingyi or sat quietly on the balcony. If she really had a kidney source, her mother could have an operation at once. She suddenly got up and quickly went to the doctor’s office, knocked on the door and went in. She directly asked, "Doctor, how much does it take for my mother to have a kidney transplant?" These must be prepared before the operation, and no mistakes can be made.
The doctor hesitated for a moment before saying, "Oh, about 40 thousand euros."
"Thank you" asked the answer. Lan Jingyi left the doctor’s office with so much money. She also had Jiang Junyue first. No matter how sorry he is, it is important to save his mother first.
Lan Jingyi hardly slept a wink all night, and she couldn’t sleep. In her mind, Jiang Junyue and her mother were in a mess.
Mother and daughter got up early. "Mom, Mr. John said he would come to see you again today."
"Oh, he’s mom. An old friend from abroad lives in Frankfurt. It’s really bad for mom to come here. Yiyi, he used to be friends with your father."
Maybe this last sentence is the key point. Because John’s father is blue and sunny, John has been in contact with him. "Mom and dad will definitely find it."
"Who knows? Yi Yi Ma wants lemon tea."
"Ok, I’ll go out and buy it for a while," Lan Jingyi said, and went out to buy something very cheap. But when she went out, she realized that she had lost her money yesterday. She had to take some money. There was a cabinet machine in the hospital. Lan Jingyi went and inserted the card. It was Jiang Junyue’s card, and she had spent almost all her money. This was the first time that Jiang Junyue was stuck in her heart. He had given up her, but she could spend his money. It was really impossible to be short of money, which would suffocate people.
It was her birthday to enter the password. How could he betray her if he was so careful?
At this moment, Lan Jingyi didn’t believe those photos and the woman who answered the phone.
But when Lan Jingyi enters the amount, the interface response is that your card has been frozen.
Looking at that line, Lan Jingyi’s heart suddenly took shape, took the letter card and went to the store outside to buy something, swiping the card to show her that your card was still frozen.
Her hand card is Jiang Junyue’s deputy card, which means that the main card holder must know that her card is frozen, but he didn’t inform her beforehand.
From last night to now, Lan Jingyi’s heart is like a roller coaster. The experience is that her heart is ups and downs. Now she really has no reason to hesitate. Will she see him again?
No, not anymore.