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Scarlett’s eyes sparkled and immediately returned to her original lovely and charming expression.

"I don’t know if they can find’ gorgeous metal’ by repelling blood?" Dark fire edge stab eyes echo centipede said.
Next to the disease, a heavy blow hit the body of the centipede and broke the head of the centipede before replying, "It’s no problem to say so confidently."
"I said brother, what is the boss doing there?"
"How do I know what big brother does? Anyway, your boss has a mysterious feeling all over his body."
按摩"The elder brother of the original method also have this feeling? The BOSS’s career, the female means, the adventure of living in peace with the top boss, at least I haven’t seen anyone like this in the game. "
"Hehe, cut the crap and upgrade quickly. When my professional level is LV7, I’ll check it out. If I’m reincarnated, I’ll try to be the second reincarnated player."
"Brother Fargo is really fierce, and I admire you as much as the Yangtze River is endless, and the rats in the waterway can’t be killed."
"What is this compliment? Hehe, stop it. You want to get to level 9 soon, don’t you? Join the challenge together then. "
"Elegant brother, what are you doing here?" Jathyapple took my skirts and said.
"Well, of course I have something to do. Otherwise, what are you doing here?"
I moved forward step by step carefully. Originally, I didn’t intend to bring jathyapple, but she refused to follow the disease and dark fire, and they didn’t want to stay outside until I finally came here with her.
Our present place is Acura’s Secret Cave. This is the place in the north of Mengkeluo where I once tried to enter but was killed by the guard NPC. I didn’t know the name of this place, but when I entered the cave, the horse saw the name engraved on the wall, which made me know the name of this place.
Ask me what will come here? Originally, when we were chatting at Kecha Hotel, we once had a personal chat with a player’ It’s too hard to really love you’. This player was known when I was reselling the level. Now he is still practicing LV9 for more than a week, but he still hasn’t been promoted to the last level. It is conceivable that the experience of 9 liters and 99 is so much. If I think about it, I’m very glad that Chris has so many things to do, otherwise how can the disease be so fast?
The message from’ It’s too hard to really love you’ is to entrust me to be a loner and he doesn’t have many friends. Now it’s very difficult to practice to level 9 (or I helped him to level 3)Now, in order to find the metempsychosis, one of the first things to collect is the sacred bracelet in this Acura Secret Cave. Of course, I am not a white handyman, because if I succeed, he will give me the ultimate weapon of my super beginner, the The Hunger Ring. Speaking of the The Hunger Ring, it has four holes, that is to say, it can be equipped with four cards, which is already an incredible attribute. In addition, it is a four-level weapon, which is already the highest-level weapon in Wonderland at present, and an artifact-level five weapon or equipment is still available. The Hunger Ring’s attack power is as high as 45, and it is a one-handed weapon. More importantly, it has three special abilities. First, it doesn’t limit the occupation. Second, even I, a super beginner, can make the weapon’s special skills [The Hunger’s call]. However, it’s never too difficult to really love you. Because of this, the conditions are very harsh. One stroke consumes life value. Four strokes consume magic power. At this point, it’s too difficult to really love you. Even at the highest level, there will be no magic power. In addition Halving the speed at 10 o’clock is even more cruel. It will cause permanent scars after this skill, which means that you will reduce your professional skill points a little. This is fatal. Nowadays, many professional function points are not enough to fill all skills. Now, this skill will be reduced once. For the highest level, that is, 12 professional skill points, it is unforgivable for players to reduce each one. But for me, the reason for this problem is that my professional skill can rise to the highest LV62 level, not to mention that I have one professional skill point for each level.Is there a place to make it? Ha ha!
Having said that, we haven’t said that the last special ability’ The Hunger Ring’ can be deformed, that is to say, it can be transformed into three kinds of weapons: The Hunger Ring, The Hunger halberd and The Hunger Bow, which makes the’ The Hunger Ring’ almost as powerful as an artifact.
It is said that this weapon is so powerful that why’ it is too difficult to really love you’ will be willing to give it up? It turned out that this weapon was exploded after he narrowly escaped death to kill the BOSS bee a few days ago. He was so excited that he almost died, but it almost made him die after an appraisal. Although this weapon does not limit occupations, it does limit basic abilities, and it requires six basic abilities: strength, wisdom, agility, dexterity, physical strength and luck. How many such people are there? Each profession must focus on two or three abilities to reach the highest level. If the overall development is achieved, then this person can be said to be an idiot. Like a knight, he must add strength and physical strength, while a crusader must add physical strength and wisdom. Assassins must add agility, dexterity and luck. These are almost axioms. Everyone knows that if someone distributes all the additional points evenly to each base point, then this person will not be able to attack, defend and be disabled. Therefore, it is too difficult to really love you. Who knows the secret point of Acura? If he dies like this carelessly, he will cry and return, so that he can think of me and try to contact me. Of course, I agreed without saying anything. This is simply my tailor-made weapon.
Chapter 10′ Acura Secret Cave’
Chapter 10′ Acura Secret Cave’
I gave me a notice with’ It’s too hard to really love you’, and I passed the guard NPC and entered the’ Acura Secret Cave’. This is a straight and oblique step. jathyapple and I walked for more than twenty minutes, but we still saw that they all went straight to the step and the places they passed were exactly the same. The khaki cave walls of the adventure lights were so weird.
Finally, after walking for half an hour, we passed the long passage to the first hole of the secret cave, where many weapons such as guns, halberds, knives, swords and bows were placed, and a couplet was hung in the first hole, which was like water, fog, love, rain, snow and heart! On the couplet, there is a picture showing a person holding a bracelet in both hands and flying in the sky with a first-class bloody white bird watching the bird move as if eager to leave, while the person’s eyes are fixed on the bird’s eyes, showing three expressions of expectation, sadness and happiness. The place depicted in this picture is a mountain with a little blue water in the distance, and there is a mountain towering into the sky. Especially, there is a stone tablet engraved with’ Desperate Cliff’ next to the place where this person stands!
I wonder why there is such a painting that I can’t read, but I’ll finish it first. It’s less than 10 square meters. I rummaged through the first hole, but no matter how I looked for it, I couldn’t find anything similar to a bracelet. This reminds me that the orc hero told me to find medicine. Maybe this so-called bracelet is also the name. It’s probably something else. I think of this and start looking again.
When I was looking for things everywhere, jathyapple crawled and sniffed this and that, which matched her golden fur leather coat. I almost saw a cat, but jathyapple was so cute that I couldn’t help touching her head twice, which made jathyapple look cold.
Finally, it took almost a day to return to the game, and it should be past noon when calculating. No wonder I feel hungry now. I called jathyapple to eat immediately.
Aft I left, jathyapple took out that stick and the golden bell that had been put away. this is the true face of jathyapple-moonlit cat.
"This elegant is really interesting. If it weren’t for him, I really couldn’t go out. I don’t know if that little thing payon would be proud. Ha ha! Tell me to wait for him for two hours, then I’ll go to bed and wait for him. Isn’t this the little guy’s territory? Looking for that’ sacred bracelet’ is really troublesome if I directly order him to hand it over, but I can’t show my identity, so forget it and go to sleep! "
Jathyapple rolled into a ball and fell asleep in a box. It was like a cat.
"The housekeeper is quick to eat!"
"Young master, it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Do you want lunch or dinner?"
"It’s just a meal anyway. Why are you so careful?"
After eating in a hurry, I don’t know what I ate. Anyway, I just need to fill my stomach. I stretch and reminisce about playing games early. It’s really cool after one to three hours. It feels like it’s been a long time inside, but it’s just a short time outside. I believe there are many players who feel the same way as me.
I don’t want jathyapple to wait too long to do stretching exercises for the rest of his life. After hearing the crack of his bones, he immediately put on his helmet and entered the game.
As soon as I got to the game, I saw an interesting scene. I never thought that jathyapple’s sleeping posture would be so strange. Her head was rolled into a 36-degree circle and even connected with the soles of her feet. This is the second time. The most important thing is that her face actually sticks out her tongue and licks her soles from time to time, which makes me uncomfortable. However, I just want to laugh and don’t wake her up. I went to the second hole alone.
The second hole is not far from the first hole, and it will be different from the first hole in a few minutes. The second hole is no longer a yellow wall of mud, but a beautifully decorated smooth marble floor and a flat brick wall, and there are not many things in the second hole. It is estimated that there are four extra-large chairs for me to sit in, and there is an odd bed with a big hole in the bowl and a concave pillow at the head of the bed. In addition, there are four locked boxes on the ground, which are strangely inlaid with gold as if to induce me to commit a crime.
Take out the beginner’s clumsy dagger and pry open the first box in the first row. Who knows that the iron powder in the chain head didn’t brush to pry it up, and I forgot that I was throwing a [rocket art] at the lock now, but the accuracy of this magic was not accurate enough to aim at a small lock, so the rocket almost hit the box "beep beep beep beep …" Eleven times in a row, the rocket hit the lock and hit the box with poor results.
I threw it away without thinking continuously [Ice Arrow], but I had to avoid the first tunnel when the wood was burned and it was easy to burn.
Suddenly I heard a voice shouting, "How can it burn? Which guy is so bold to set fire to me? "
I looked in the direction of the sound source. An ant was right about you. It was an ant with a head running out of the tunnel. It was hairy. I don’t know if it was hands or feet. Long limbs fanned the flame at random. At first, I thought it was that it put out the fire at random, but as it fanned faster and faster, a real flame actually formed around the flame, and I felt a little suffocated.
After the ant put out the fire, he realized that there was such a person as me, so he turned to me and said, "Hey? How did you get in? "
"This ….." I’ll take a closer look at this head ant. If it’s interesting, it can be regarded as a handsome boy, but when I look at his face, it’s a dark and physically transformed animal in Resident Evil.
"Human are you human? Ha ha, finally a human has come to me. Ha ha ha … "
Chapter 19 Handsome
Chapter 19 Handsome
I have an ominous feeling when I look at the ants dancing. I have always trusted my intuition very much, so I stepped back at the first time and [accelerated technique] helped me run to the first hole quickly.
"Hey? Want to run? "
"It’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad, it’s sad.
Thinking of the terrible consequences after being caught, without saying anything, I ran out of the second hole and the distance to the first hole was not far. It took more than a minute to get to the first hole. I swept my eyes and went to jathyapple to sleep. No matter what her reaction was, I took her hand and held my arms and continued to run to the ground passage. I woke up and asked, "Hey, who are you?" Why are you holding me? "
I looked down at my arms, and jathyapple almost stopped me, because jathyapple’s face had grown golden hair and long hair similar to a cat’s beard had grown beside his mouth, but now there is no time for me to think about holding jathyapple tighter and speeding up.
Jathyapple suddenly felt that the first reaction when he was caught was that his sharp fingers and nails stuck out, but after seeing me clearly, he withdrew, "Elegant brother, why are you running in such a hurry?"
"I …" A word of me just came out. At this time, my saliva choked my lungs and I coughed so hard that it was impossible to continue running.
After hiding jathyapple with a hard cough, three fire walls blocked the whole tunnel in the rear, followed by two [dark barriers] to protect both of them, and then [freezing] to freeze the fire walls and our tunnel, hoping that this would stop for a while
Jathyapple is watching me do this and that curiously asking, "Elegant brother, why are you doing this?"
I coughed and said, "You … cough … wait … cough … and then sue … cough … and sue you!"
"Ha, ha, ha, elegant brother, it’s interesting for you to talk like this!"
Pour! Regardless of jathyapple, because the ant with the head has already hit the first fire wall, it seems that the fire wall is not too big if it doesn’t stop him for a second with his quick body movement.
Pulling jathyapple and continuing to throw fire walls along the way, even if there is no resistance for one second and half a second, I dragged jathyapple and looked at the head behind him. There was a smile in the ant’s mouth that I didn’t notice.
"Don’t run, you hateful guy!" The ant on the head was also annoyed by my fire wall tactics. I cut the fire wall all the way, cursing the sky and cursing the ground. Of course, I don’t care what he scolded. I just realized how long it is to run all the way from a hole to the ground. I haven’t seen a ray of sunshine for ten minutes, but the ant on the head behind me is impatient. Now it’s almost not cutting the fire wall physically, but rushing directly into the fire wall to pity me. Now the fire wall has really disappeared.
Finally, I haven’t reached the ground yet. I have been chased. I threw jathyapple away with one hand and quickly took out the leader’s sword with my right hand. I turned around and stabbed the ant at the head. It is impossible to stab the root of this crowded hole by cutting, sweeping and splitting, but the leader’s sword body is not suitable for this technique. The wide sword body seriously limits the flexibility.
One of the head ants opened my sword in front of one foot, and the other foot bent and swept towards my head. I immediately blocked the orc hero shield. At this time, I heard the head ant "Yi" and didn’t hear the sound of the orc hero shield being hit. In doubt, I removed the orc hero shield and saw the head ant staring at me and removing it. The orc hero shield immediately put its sharp foot across my neck and said, "Say! Where can I get this shield? "
The first time I was held back by a "man" with a "knife" and looked at that sharp limb, I had no doubt that this might be a BOSS guy with a second kill, so I might honestly answer "reward"