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On the other side, Li jiaqi came in and didn’t try so hard to sit, but her eyes glanced around and finally fell on our side.

His eyes Gu Changning paused for a moment and then approached this way.
Listen, I can’t help but get nervous as I get closer and closer.
"Why are you alone in Gu Changning, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun?" Li Qi stopped in front of us and stared at Gu Changning condescendingly. "Oh, how did I forget that Ye Xiangyuan should still be performing military exercises in Lu Xun? I heard that he went abroad and seemed to talk about a big business?"
Gu Changning and I glances.
Lu Xun to check the fuel things nature is confidential Li jiaqi seems to have known something.
Or is he testing?
Chapter 243 First-instance judgment
I secretly thought and didn’t interrupt.
Section 223
But Li jiaqi didn’t Lu Xun thing but cold way "Ye Xiangyuan thing is good, can let you and Lu Xun be dead set to help him before your hand but I ate a lot of losses".
Gu Changning smiled, "Where is the Minister of Lebanon?"
Li jiaqi said, "You three are really scary together." He deliberately paused and hooked his mouth. "But I will let you know that ginger is still great."
Gu Changning said nothing.
Li Qizhi proudly said, "Xinlong will not lose this lawsuit today."
I am even more worried when I hear this.
The original one was difficult to deal with, and now Li jiaqi is posing like this. It seems that Xinlong is going to deal with Chu together, which will be more troublesome.
I can’t help looking at Gu Changning.
Perhaps I felt my eyes glance at Gu Changning and then look at Li jiaqi and smiled slightly. "Minister Li is so confident that I am a little scared."
What he is good at is ridicule.
Sure enough, Li Qi’s face became ugly. "Why don’t you believe it?"
Gu Changning said, "You are the elder, of course, you are what you say, but there is also an old saying that I hope Minister Li can recognize the reality. Some daydreams are doomed to fail."
He is suggesting that Li jiaqi can’t sit in that position. Li jiaqi’s eyes suddenly burst out of danger.
It’s a pity that Gu Changning didn’t care at all
He has always been so arrogant that he can choke people to death. Don’t say that he is really not afraid of Li jiaqi now. Even if Li jiaqi wins two years later, I don’t think he can flatter Li jiaqi.
And people like Li jiaqi must have been used to curry favor with Gu Changning. He made no secret of his malice towards Gu Changning with a sullen face.
His eyes turned from Gu Changning to me and sneered at "I have long heard that Ye Xiangyuan’s wife is very similar to my daughter, but it’s a pity that the fake is Ye Xiangyuan and I don’t know what’s wrong with finding such a woman as body double."
I never thought he would vent his anger, and my head was a little annoyed.
But I won’t argue with him on this occasion.
Is Gu Changning narrowed his eyes seems to be about to send.
Li jiaqi is before he said, "if he kisses my daughter, I can’t promise …"
Gu Changning sneered and interrupted him. "Minister Li and daydreaming Ayuan will not marry anyone, and the woman who shoots and kills people at every turn is afraid."
This sentence is completely angered Li jiaqi. He stared at Gu Changning coldly for a long time and then turned around with a cold hum and left.
Seeing that he was so angry with Gu Changning, I admired Changning’s poisonous tongue and was a little worried. "Will he wait for revenge?"
Gu Changning grunted, "What are you afraid of? We have already torn our faces with the Li family."
That’s why I’m a little relieved, but I’m beginning to think of Xinlong and dealing with Chu together.
I looked over at Li jiaqi.
He has reached the middle seat and exudes a kind of dance-only momentum. His hands are sitting around him with a strong aura.
But he didn’t greet Chen Shu in the past, perhaps because he didn’t want us to see the clue.
When I looked down, the horse was going to court.
Ye Wen suddenly whispered behind him, "That is the legal representative of Xinlong."
Gu Changning and I both followed the direction of his finger. It was an old man who was very respectful to Li jiaqi and was reporting something to Li jiaqi.
I can see that he is a puppet of Li Qi.
Li jiaqi personally came to supervise the lawsuit, and Xinlong must be the winner.
I took a worried look at Gu Changning.
Gu Changning said lightly, "What’s the hurry? It’s just a lawsuit."
As we spoke, the judge officially announced the trial.
The defense lawyer gave a string of evidence at the beginning.
Xinlong Hou also took out the contract in black and white.
The two companies teamed up with ChuShi nature is losing ground.
My mood is getting lower and lower.
Is Gu Changning old god don’t see anxious.
I looked at the hair next to him again and didn’t seem to be excited.
Even Ye Wen looked calm.
Originally, they also prepared a successful cause, but unfortunately, Chu did not produce strong rebuttal evidence until the verdict came.
The result of the first-instance judgment is that Chu has to pay sky-high compensation, not only thousands of tons of fuel but also breach of contract losses
In this way, even taking the whole Chu boat is not enough.
He Xinlong is determined to trample ChuShi to the dead.
I saw an ambitious smile on Li Qi’s face.
Chen Shu has some quiet meaning.
The two men reacted differently, but they won in the end.
Naturally, we had to sue the lawyer and made a claim on the spot, and the court accepted it
Out of court, after li jiaqi came first.
He won the lawsuit and could see that he was very happy and the old man Xinlong came up to us laughing and sneering, "I advise you not to sue or you will lose more thoroughly."
Gu Changning got up and looked at him. "It seems that Minister Li is very confident."
Li jiaqi said, "Of course, even if you sue ten times and a hundred times, this is the result. Don’t say that I didn’t wake you up as an elder."
桑拿论坛Gu Changning canthus to hook up without a word.
It happened that Li jiaqi was in high spirits and continued to sarcastically say, "This amount of compensation is quite a lot. I think you should save the money, or don’t blame me for being an elder and not showing mercy …"
Gu Changning smiled with his hands on his chest. "It’s just that you won a lawsuit. Your family is happy to be like this. It seems that you are really old. Since you like to wake people up, I’ll wake you up. You must be dreary exercise when the Li family was eaten by me a few days ago, right? How many losses have you suffered in Ayuan’s hands in recent years? Why don’t you have a long memory? "
He retorted that Li jiaqi was so angry that her whole face turned black.