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Cheng Haizhu pushed Wen Fuxiao toward Cheng Haijue. "What’s wrong with staying? You see this."

I just went out to meet manager Wen and had dinner with him.
He was drunk and I didn’t know where to send him, so I brought him back. "
Cheng Haijue turned black when you heard it.
"So you brought him back to me."
Cheng Haijue said with a black face, "Don’t make trouble. Didn’t you see me put on a mask?"
Cheng Haizhu gave him a contemptuous look.
"What mask does a big man make at home? I didn’t make your sister."
"What do you know?"
Cheng haijue is too lazy to continue talking with him, holding wenfuxiao and asking cheng Haizhu.
"You brought him back, you brought him back. How can you bring him to me?"
Cheng Haizhu gave him a white look.
"Then you’re not talking nonsense. I’m a woman, he’s a man and you’re a man. If I don’t bring him to you, maybe I’ll take him to my room."
Cheng Haijue said, "What’s the problem? Are you still afraid that he will eat you?"
I think he should be guarding you. Didn’t you like him for a long time?
How did this come to this time but also talk about the ceremony? "
Cheng Haizhu a listen to look a dark and then added
"What do you care? I said Cheng Haijue, haven’t you always wanted to curry favor with him?
I’ve brought you all the recovered people. Please take good care of him.
I’m tired and I’ll go back to sleep, "said Cheng Haizhu, ready to go.
"Aye," Cheng Haijue grabbed Cheng Haizhu. "You really asked me to take care of him. Why don’t you help?"
Cheng Haizhu said he couldn’t help sighing and then came in.
"It’s really you. No wonder you haven’t made any progress for so many years." He said, holding Wenfuxiao and walking inside.
Cheng Haijue looked at Cheng Haizhu after hearing this.
"Cheng Haizhu I told you that I am your brother, don’t be so no big or little.
There are things before, and I hope you don’t get up, okay? That’s all in the past. "
Cheng Haizhu couldn’t help laughing at "Who is still lost in high school and your family is still missing? Hahahahaha"
Laugh if you don’t finish. Cheng Haijue’s face is sure to eat people at the moment if he doesn’t wear a mask.
Cheng Haijue tore off the face mask and frowned at Cheng Haizhu.
"Who hasn’t had two shortcomings for so long?"
He is an idiot in life and has been teased by Cheng Haizhu all the time.
Cheng Haizhu went on to say, "No, no,no. This shortcoming of being an idiot in life is not small."
Cheng Haijue’s brow became more and more wrinkled, and his face was not very good, so he made a mask and his face was stained with water.
"Cheng Haizhu, don’t talk nonsense. I said that I couldn’t give you a perfect explanation when everything happened. Now I am now. Can I not get involved with the previous events?"
Cheng Haizhu listened to the corners of his mouth.
"Maybe you weren’t the same person before and now, so it’s not you. What were you before and what are you now?"
Cheng Haijue looked at Cheng Haizhu "Cheng Haizhu"
Cheng Haizhu cold snorted a disdainful smile to hold the Wenfuxiao sofa and lie down.
"Well, you can help me with the next thing. Just think of it as my fart. I’m leaving." He turned and left.
Just at this time WenFuXiao vaguely uttered a sound is called ChuYan name.
Cheng Haizhu felt a quiver and closed her eyes. She guessed that it was really good. It was ChuYan.
Cheng haijue listen to also can’t help but turned to look at cheng Haizhu.
Cheng Haizhu likes Wen Fuxiao. Cheng Haijue knew it a long time ago.
桑拿论坛  title=Looking at Wenfuxiao at the moment so that he can’t help but worry about Cheng Haizhu.
Even though they are noisy, they are still brothers and sisters, which is to cut off the flesh and blood relationship.
Lai Cheng Haizhu will be very hurt and even cry.
But I didn’t expect Cheng Haizhu to turn around and look at Cheng Haijue with a smile.
Picked his eyebrows and said to Cheng Haijue, "This man is really spoony. He has a wife and still thinks about his first lover." He said, tut-tut, turned around and left.
Cheng Haijue froze in situ and then reacted without feeling a trance.
Cheng Haizhu has always been the image of a girl who liked to cry when he was studying abroad.
But unconsciously, the girl who likes to cry when she is engaged has now grown into a career-oriented strong woman.
She can laugh when a man she has secretly loved for many years says another woman’s name from her mouth.
Thinking about Cheng Haizhu’s words, Cheng Haijue couldn’t help smiling bitterly.
It’s no secret that Wen Fu Xiao Chu Yan Mo Chengkun’s three-person affair flows into the social circle.
Everyone is just hiding it.
Besides, in your circle, who hasn’t done anything yet?
Shook his head Cheng Haijue looked at the sofa Wenfuxiao couldn’t help sighing.
Go over and pick him up and bring him to and from the room. You can’t let Tangmo sleep on the sofa all night, can you?
As a result, I heard Wen Fuxiao’s words ringing off the hook. I picked them up and saw that the bearer was Zhao.
If the name Zhao Woman is right, it should be Wen Fuxiao’s wife.
Oh, it’s really hard to think about it. My husband has someone else in his heart and still remembers it every day.
Eh, wait, isn’t his sister the hardest thing?
I like people who not only have wives, but also love their first love.
After thinking about it, I shook my head and threw it away.
Cheng Haizhu ran to his room in one breath and opened the door.