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"Don’t you have guests?"

"It’s not convenient for me to stay here!"
"What’s the inconvenience? Can’t my wife Mu Lingtian meet people? "
Shit, she didn’t mean that! They talk about things and she stays … It doesn’t make any sense!
After a long argument, Xihan said that he could stay.
The bearer is a foreigner. Night Xihan feels familiar. Suddenly, I remembered that the foreigner sitting in front of me turned out to be the most famous wedding dress designer in the world. Night Xihan once noted that this designer knew something about him. This designer produced four wedding dresses a year. This is his principle and he never made an exception. Even if he paid more money, he would not take orders. Because of this, she was particularly impressed by him.
Mu Lingtian invited him over, which surprised her and delighted her.
She looked at MuLingTian suddenly white MuLingTian leave yourself is to do? He actually found the most famous wedding designer in the world to design her wedding dress.
"Did Mr. Mu design the wedding dress by the lady beside you?" The designer looked at Xi Han’s eyes at night and smiled at Mu Lingtian.
"well! This is my wife Ye Xihan! "
"Your wife is really a beautiful China girl!" The designer praised
Mu Lingtian readily accepted the designer’s praise that his woman is of course beautiful. "It is very beautiful!"
He asked, "How long will it take to finish the wedding dress?"
"Mr. Mu, do you know that a wedding dress takes less than three months from design to ready-to-wear?"
Three months? Their wedding is two weeks later, and he asked for "one week!"
"I’m sorry I’m in a hurry! It’s impossible to finish it in a week … You want your wife to be the most beautiful bride at most? "
桑拿按摩"Of course." That’s why he invited him. "Our wedding is in two weeks."
"If Mr. Mu has to rush out, I can say that the wedding dress is absolutely not perfect." The designer truthfully said that he usually designed the wedding dress by himself, from design to production to details, which is why he produced four sets a year.
"Add 10 million more" Mu Lingtian felt that no money could not solve the problem.
"It’s not about money!" The designer said, "Well, I have a ready-made wedding dress, which is absolutely unique and I am most satisfied with the design for so many years, but I have never found a bride who is suitable for wearing it. Your wife’s beauty and temperament are very suitable for that wedding dress. It doesn’t take long to change the measurements and length …"
The designer also deliberately opened his mind to show them that both of them looked at the photos and it was really beautiful.
Mu Lingtian was satisfied and felt that it was really suitable for his beloved little woman to wear a big red carved wedding dress. It was the designer’s hand that became quiet and beautiful. He looked at Ye Xihan. "What do you mean?"
Yeh hee-han also likes it when she nods if she has no opinion, but she is worried about whether she can wear that effect …
"When do you try on the wedding dress?"
"Three days later!"
After the designer left, Mu Lingtian stayed overnight and Xihan sat on his leg. "How do you feel unhappy?"
Night Xihan shook his head. "I still feel so tight."
"Two weeks is not enough for you to prepare?"
"I’m afraid you’ll regret it!"
Fool, I won’t regret it. I can’t wait to marry you.
"I feel so extravagant for such an expensive wedding dress!"
"A woman is only once in a generation. Of course I want to give my woman the best, don’t you think?"
Although I still feel that the waves can’t match Muling’s words, it really makes her feel so sweet and happy.
"By the way, can the wedding be simple?" She knows him well, and he must be known to everyone, but she doesn’t want to be so happy. They don’t have to be seen and known by everyone.
He listens to her.
Kissed her twice "Good!"
"Husband has done so much without giving some rewards?"
Ye Xihan hammered him twice. "It’s time for you to get down to business!"
"I really don’t want to go!" He buried his head in her chest and sniffed her scent.
"Well, if you don’t go, you’ll be really late."
"I’ll take you and the children shopping when I’m busy!"
"What’s the sudden need to go shopping?"
"I haven’t taken you and your children shopping and I want to take you there once."
Night Xihan nodded just as she hadn’t bought anything with the children for a long time …
Mulingtian hugged for a while before leaving.
Night Xihan returned to her office. She looked at her brain in a daze and remembered that the big red wedding dress just now was not something that ordinary people could control.
I always feel that I can’t wear that smell, and I’m a little afraid I’ll let him down.
Section 34
In fact, if she is not in a hurry to get married, she would rather design her own wedding dress. Although it is not as good as this designer’s, she feels that it would be better to wear her own wedding dress. However, if she wants to come to Mu Lingtian, she will not let her design her own wedding dress. She will not let her work so hard. This is a little regret in life!
Forget it, forget it. You can’t design it for yourself. She can also design it for her daughter’s future wife.
Mu Lingtian went for an hour and talked about the project.
He didn’t go back to the company directly. He went to school to pick up two children before picking up his own woman.
Shopping spree with Ye Xihan and two children.
Whether Ye Xihan and the children like it or not, they pick up something and look at it again, so he swipes the card to pay the bill, which arouses a burst of envy among the shopkeepers and guests. When it gets dark, they will come back to a restaurant after dinner at 9 pm.
From the car, Mulingtian walked with two children in her arms. Night Xihan followed her and was about to enter the house when she saw several policemen stop them from behind.
"Is it Mr. Mu?"