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"Jingyi, I’ll take you home." Started the car, and Jane asked.

"No, I don’t want to go home. I don’t want to go home." Lan Jingyi squinted and muttered that she was so tired. She wanted to sleep, but she didn’t want to go back to that small apartment. That’s Jiang Junyue’s small apartment. She doesn’t like Yin Qingrou as a neighbor at all. Jiang Junyue still walked out of her room earlier today. Is he going to walk out of Yin Qingrou’s room early in the morning?
"JingYi you see …"
"I don’t want to go home. If you take me home, I won’t talk to you for a generation after Jane leaves."
I don’t know what to do with a sigh, but I can’t help her when she comes home like this. Her mother will worry about her more than she has to take care of nonsense. Let him stay with her all night. "Jingyi, shall we go to the seaside?"
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Chapter 24 Killing men by day
"Ok, I’m going to the seaside" seems that he would take her anywhere if he didn’t send her home. He prefers to take her to his home because he is afraid that she will regret it when she wakes up.
Then drive her to the seaside.
Jane left the car and drove, and came to Lan Jingyi. Look at her. She actually fell asleep. She glanced back at her sleeping position. It was really ugly, but he really liked to watch her fall asleep. She remembered that when she first met her, she fell asleep at the lecture table. Everyone listened to the report. She slept alone, which made the lecturer who was giving a lecture feel embarrassed, but when she woke up, she gave the lecturer a comment, which was that his speech was too ugly and low-standard.
So it is normal for her to fall asleep, but it is not normal not to sleep.
Hehe, she is such a little woman who dares to love and hate, and then loves and hates.
I think Lan Jingyi wouldn’t have broken up with him if Min Ru hadn’t blackmailed him to marry her.
按摩However, if there is no experience in this world, it is experienced, and they may never return to their original beauty and love.
The car stopped at the seaside, and it didn’t take long for the new year to pass. It was cold and the wind at the seaside was a little good. They listened to the tide and watched the tide rise and fall in the car together, and everything was so beautiful.
"Oh … well …" A whoop came from the back seat of the car. Jane jumped out of the back seat but didn’t help Lan Jingyi. She had "wow" and vomited all over him. The smell filled the carriage. He looked at her uncomfortable face and forgot to be sick. He took a tissue and wiped her dirty face with tears. After that little face like Xiaohua Mall was finally cleaned, Lan Jingyi was that delicate and lovely little woman again.
She has always been handsome and lovely in his eyes.
Now that she is clean, he is dirty.
Just take off your coat, throw it on the beach, and then clean up the paper towel in the car. Then he sat next to her with his shirt on and her head around. His legs seemed to be asleep. Her little face was filled with an indescribable sweet smile, which made him reluctant to blink, so he looked at her so stupid that he believed that she really moved on. She actually married Liu Wentao and Ji Minru. How stupid was she?
"Silly girl" whispered her finger and dropped Lan Jingyi’s little face. When she touched her skin, he trembled slightly. I don’t know if this is right, but at least she is unmarried now, isn’t it?
He wants to touch her face, that’s all. Does he have the strength to love her again?
The sea breeze still takes a taxi to the glass. He likes her to be together quietly in this silence. If Jiang Junyue is really with that woman, he will never let go of Lan Jingyi.
He loved her, always loved her and never changed. Now Minru is happy, so he should be happy, right?
Lan Jingyi rang. He picked it up for her and looked at the screen flashing the words’ Jiang Junyue’. When he thought about it, he took the opportunity to sleep for her. He didn’t want Jiang Junyue to bother her again.
One night, Lan Jingyi’s good sleep quietly passed.
Far away, the corner where the sea and sky meet has been flushed with a fish-belly grey.
The woman who pillow his leg still shows no sign of wake up.
But he dare not continue to be supported by her.
Gently remove her little face LanJingYi slightly uncomfortable frown this just continue to lie on the seat to sleep.
Jane got out of the car and lit a cigarette because the woman in the car was afraid that she would smoke his second-hand smoke, and he sat all night without smoking a cigarette.
Smoke is really a good thing sometimes. It can dissipate some sadness when you are upset.
It’s already dawn, and the seaside air is so fresh as if it can drop water.
He rang for the first time since last night, and told him it was Jiang Junyue before he picked up his intuition.
Jiang Junyue also drank a lot last night. Hehe, he called Lan Jingyi, but he didn’t expect to hit him. At this moment, Jiang Junyue must have woken up and remembered to call him. It turned out that the man didn’t really let Lan Jingyi drink. When he woke up, the first thing he remembered was the woman in his car, "Hello, Jane is not separated." He picked up and said in a low voice.
"Where is she?" The husky man seemed to have a bad time last night with a little bit of anxiety.
"Who do you want to leave?" Jane was about to speak when Lan Jingyin suddenly came behind her. It turned out that she woke up and the bus came just now.
Listening to the words, Jiang Junyue’s face changed slightly, his lips gently sipped, and he whispered, "Hang up and don’t say it’s me." A warning meant that Jiang Junyue didn’t want Lan Jingyi to know that he had called him.
Jane is a bit stupid. He is also a man, but he can’t understand Jiang Junyue.