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"Okay, go to sleep" moved his leg and his arm. She got up and picked up a pillow and went to the living room. She was caught when she left her hand. "The bed sleeps with me."

"You said I’d give you the medicine, and you allowed me to see my mother first thing in the morning."
"But you haven’t finished your medicine yet. I’m still hurt."
"ah? Where? "
Before her scream disappeared, people were dragged into a thick embrace. When the "here" lips were not completely blocked, she whispered in his ear and then he kissed her.
Thinking stagnated for five seconds. Lan Jingyi couldn’t think. Jiang Junyue couldn’t help giving off the smell of male hormones, which made her in a daze. Actually, he kissed and kissed more than cloves, and his tongue was entangled together. How can it be separated?
For a long time, it was not until the oxygen in the mouth was exhausted that Jiang Junyue slowly released her voice, but it was cold to "sleep"
"You … who asked you to kiss me?" LanJingYi dizzy by his arms breath is still disorder.
"It’s not pro, it’s medicine."
"medicine?" Lan Jingyi is stupid again.
Chapter 66 You bastard
"You … who asked you to kiss me?" LanJingYi dizzy by his arms breath is still disorder.
"It’s not pro, it’s medicine."
"medicine?" Lan Jingyi is stupid again.
"Think about where else you bit me?" A big hand slapped her hard. The sound of little ass almost made her bounce. Well, one of his legs was pressing her, otherwise it would really bounce.
Lan Jingyi took a sip of his lip and turned his head. "Let me see" She bit his tongue in the ladder and even bled.
The word "no" was faint, so he reached out and pressed out the light. In an instant, the whole room was dark, and he single-handedly imprisoned her waist and forbade her to move.
"You … let go." She struggled in his arms, and she was nervous. At the moment, she felt that her heart was flustered.
"Lan Jingyi, if you think about something, I promise in advance that you can satisfy it. If you don’t think about it, go to sleep or don’t go to see your mother early." He growled cold and his body was burning, and the temperature became a contrast. Lan Jingyi didn’t want to stop all the movements, lie in his arms and close his eyes, and he really didn’t do it again.
At first, she was still nervous, but soon when Jiang Junyue breathed evenly into her ears, she relaxed her nerves and went to sleep quietly. She fell asleep in the man’s arms and racked her brains thinking about how he got into the room.
桑拿会所In the morning, when the sun shone softly through the window screen and spilled into the room biological clock, Lan Jingyi was awakened.
You opened your eyes when you felt that Jiang Junyue was hugging him, and all the consciousness of Lan Jingyi instantly returned. "Jiang Junyue, get up."
It’s so dishonest for a smelly man to sleep.
It’s a moment when a breeze blows to the face, and Lan Jingyi’s petite body has already enveloped Jiang Junyue. "Be good or you’ll be in vain."
"Jiang Junyue, you bastard" Lan Jingyi failed and glanced at the wall clock. There are about two hours left before she promised her mother to go to France to board the plane. In this period, she will coax him to take her to see her mother, and then find a way for her to escape from his control and then go to the airport to fly to France.
But now his expression tells her that it is absolutely impossible to let his horse take himself to see his mother.
But if …
It’s going to be a little longer
Time is really urgent, from small apartment to hotel, from hotel to airport when needed, and when needed, there are extra security checks and boarding.
At this moment, Lan Jingyi’s mind turned around for several times, just like Jiang Junyue said that even if she struggled, there was no final result. She definitely lost. She couldn’t compete with his strength. "Then take me to see my mother?" If so, she would rather go to the hotel quickly and then go to the airport when she is saving.
As soon as he spoke, her little hand gently lifted and wrapped around his neck. Slightly, she took the initiative to pull his head down, while her head quietly lifted Mosuo to entangle Zhongjiang LaCrosse, and a flash of success in her eyes seemed to be very satisfied with the little thing …
One minute passed by. When she gasped and opened her eyes and saw the wall clock, Lan Jingyi exclaimed, "Get up and tilt up. I’m going to see my mother. I don’t trust her."
"Well," I wanted to lie down for another three to five minutes to recuperate. When Jiang Junyue saw Lan Jingyi panicked, he kindly cooperated with her and sat up. Well, he was satisfied after more than an hour of this ordeal.
Lan Jingyi quickly put on a suit of clothes, but the man in bed was still sitting there, and his skin was still dripping with sweat. He didn’t mean to change clothes at all. "Pour over and wear quickly." She quickly took his clothes and threw them at him.
"You wear it for me."
Well, she really lost to him. Let him unlock the door. Now let her be a cow and a horse. She recognizes "raising her arm" and hates picking up his coat and putting it on him. The tone is gnashing her teeth.
Wearing clothes is his pants. Although she is anxious, she still hesitates a little. Once a man wore clothes, Jiang Junyue was still a grandfather. She was anxious. He was not anxious at all. It was irritating. "Hurry up" was reluctant to put the men’s pants on his legs. Only then did he slowly lift his feet and lift his legs. After wearing the outer pants, Lan Jingyi was already tired and sweaty. "Go faster."
There are less than fifty minutes left when I look at it. I don’t think I can come.
However, Lan Jingyi still hopes a little that maybe the plane is late and she can also hope so.
"Wait, I haven’t washed my face and brushed my teeth yet. It’s not too late for you to come and wash it."
"I can’t feed it."
"Er, women are still so untidy. Have you ever seen getting up early and going out without washing your face or brushing your teeth?" Jiang Junyue teased her.
Oh, well, she was wrong.
Lan Jingyi walked in with him to wash his hands quickly. He washed his face, but the uncle urged her to "squeeze toothpaste for me."
Uncle, I’ll squeeze you, you bastard. I’ll never see you again when the girl dumps you.
The plane must be delayed. It must be delayed.
Squeezed the toothpaste and handed it to him. He still brushed his teeth slowly, which made Lan Jingyi want to strangle him. No matter what, he felt that he was as slow as the slow release of the camera in the film and television. He washed his face and pushed his hand. "Come on, let’s go." She was so anxious.
Uncle walked slowly with her to the door to "open the door". Lan Jingyi pointed to the door and wanted to know how he got in last night and how to open the lock outside now.
A big hand turned a knocker "click", a secret lock opened Jiang Junyue and then opened the door. Where is the lock outside?
"What about the lock?" What she saw with her own eyes last night is gone?
"What lock?"
"You must have sent someone to open it" turned out to be such a small mutter, which was nothing new.
Pulling him to the ladder, I wish I could change from one point to two points to four points.
But time is so unhurried that it doesn’t change because of who you are.
Jumping black Lamborghini Jiang Junyue started the car slowly and asked, "Where are you going?"
"Raphael Hotel, my mom’s."
"Oh, I know." The car started and soon left the apartment community, but when it was open and looking at Lanjingyi outside the window, I felt wrong.
"Jiang Junyue, it seems that this is not the way to the Raphael Hotel, right?"
"Yes, I’m not going there. I’m going to pick up a friend and take you there."
"Go to hell, Jiang Junyue" punched him in the chest. "I don’t want to see your fucking friends if you stop and go by myself." She was so anxious.
"Why are you in such a hurry? I’ll see you later. Isn’t that where your mother is waiting for you? What’s your hurry? "
"You …" No matter how late the plane is, it won’t wait for her.
Besides, the plane may not be really late, so all this is just her wishful thinking and her own imagination and expectation.
There is more than half an hour left. If you can’t come, you can’t come at all.
When I got here, Lan Jingyi stopped doing it. He thought about it. It seems that he can reschedule his ticket and leave. I don’t know if there is any chance.
Now that we know the result, Lan Jingyi just closed her eyes and dozed off. Now it’s good to be able to see her mother.
The car is still moving forward, and she doesn’t want to know where he’s going to pick up any friends. Anyway, it’s her

Huangfuda suddenly remembered what Sister Luo said last night. She said that it was shocking and he was the only one who was proud of himself. Now it seems to be true. You still dare to speak crazy to him and Ling Xiaoyao. Moreover, he deliberately led them here. This time, it is a big enemy.

"Tell me the truth, what’s your purpose?"
Mo Xiao smiled happily again, "the four countries belong to one and I am the only one."
In Huangfuda’s eyes, four countries are one.
It’s no wonder that the old guy who is nearly ancient and rare actually played this idea. At the same time, he made moves against several countries, which made people’s hearts unstable. He said that he was holding the life of heaven and man. The luxury in this house is better than that in the palace house. People are all good at martial arts. Treating Mo Xiao respectfully shows Mo Xiao’s strength and means.
But these are not enough. He will never allow it if this thing can bring the four countries together and cause great chaos and put the people in the water and fire.
Ling Xiaoyao also felt angry, and there were few things that could make him angry. At the moment, he could not control himself.
"Two famous days are the days when the population is full of princes and double people want you to submit to the old man. That day, people naturally turn to the old man, which can save a lot of things. Those unarmed iron men will not be afraid of war and disaster this day. You are wise people, such as choice. Isn’t it obvious now?" Mo Xiao smiled lightly.
Huangfuda sneered: "What if I refuse?"
Mo Xiao looked at Huangfuda and said it casually and naturally. "Changyong destroyed the royal family, and no one left the old man. He never knew what the sufferings of the people were, and how many people died without blinking an eye."
Huangfuda snorted. "Just like the plague in Beijing now, that’s all you will do."
"The old man said that it was just nonsense from the bottom. Chang Yong was willing to submit to the old man and naturally let people solve the plague." Mo Xiao laughed.
"I’m afraid I’ll let you down. Chang Yong-zhan will never yield." Huangfu Da’s voice was heavy.
Mo Xiao’s eyes narrowed. "It seems that I have misjudged the wrong person and you are not clever."
Huang Fuda so-called raised an eyebrow. "If you treat human life like dirt, you are arrogant and arrogant. It’s really unfair. Even if you plot to attract followers for many years, is it too simple to think that you can achieve your wishful thinking?"
"The old man will make you believe that if you refuse the old man today, you will regret speaking out of turn at this time in the future." Mo Xiao kept a calm face
"With you that is covered in poison weirdo, isn’t he here now?" Huangfuda raised his eyebrows.
"This next Yangcheng is a place he has been thinking about for many years and is very familiar with. Most of them are old people who always want to meet." Mo Xiao means tunnel.
Huangfuda’s eyelids suddenly jumped with anxiety, and he felt that the weirdo was too familiar with Yangcheng the next year. He seemed to be familiar with everyone in the capital, and it was probably not that simple to meet old people.
"I heard that you hurt him, and Kung Fu really got old or underestimated you." Mo Xiao light way
"Now you know that you should know the convergence when you are fooling around." Huangfuda cold way.
Mo Xiao smiled. "It’s true. I heard that you have a wife who is free from vulgarity and smart. Why didn’t she appear in front of people?"
Huangfuda’s eyes narrowed, and his wife was definitely not that simple. "She is in poor health and has gone out of town to recuperate."
"You must be so taboo. It is said that she broke the old lady’s pro-array and followed the old lady’s small master. If so, then she should be the old lady. You’d better take her back quickly." Mo Xiao smiled thick tunnel.
Huangfuda’s heart suddenly got angry. Others were simple and whimsical. Huangfuda looked at the steward for a moment, and her eyes were dark.
The steward’s head hung lower. The old master found him two months ago, and he was ordered to guard Qingyuan Mountain. It is necessary for him to tell the little master what happened in Qingyuan Mountain. If he thought he had done the right thing at that time, he didn’t know whether the old master was ambitious or not. He couldn’t help but regret it, but it was too late after all.
Mo Xiao seems to see what Huang Fu-da thinks. He laughs. "Nothing in this world can hide it from the old lady."
"Then you listen up. She is a little lady Wang Qingyuan Mountain. She has never looked down on her. You are not qualified to order her." Huangfuda said firmly.
"On the contrary, if there is any damage around her, she doesn’t want to see her." Mo Xiao threatened instead of getting angry.
"Come to visit another day" Huangfuda said, and the ink in front of him looked casual and leisurely, but his words and deeds made people feel unpredictable and he was uneasy again. He wanted to go back to the yard immediately to make sure that Shuiyunjin was still waiting for him there.
"What’s the hurry? Since you’re here, how can you easily leave and not let the old man try your business?" Mo Xiao said that the dark guards in all directions in the small courtyard moved closer to the drawing room in an instant, and the whole drawing room was surrounded by three layers of dark guards inside and outside.
Huangfuda looked at the scene with her eyes narrowed like jade and her hands clenched coldly.
桑拿At this time, Ling Xiaoyao also got up. It is already very obvious that this man named Mo Xiao has been planning to take the sky into his arms today. How long has he planned it and how many forces there are? It is not clear for the time being, but it has already disturbed the peace of various countries. Now it is even more important to hit him and Huangfuda with his idea, even his calculation of Shuiyunjin.
If he is not a furious person, it’s better to say that he has made a clear and thorough understanding of the situation in various countries before he dares to make a big provocation. Once he gets what he wants, the whole day will be destroyed in his hands, and it will be a disaster for everyone.
Sister Luo has been coldly looking at Mo Xiao. At this time, seeing his maliciousness, she disdains to sneer at "If anyone dares to go against your meaning in this world, you will try your best to deal with him. Twenty years later, it will be even more unscrupulous."
"This is" Mo Xiao looked down at the sound and saw Luo’s sister. His eyes narrowed and his face was slightly dignified.
"You have no right to know who I am. I came here today to take your life." Sister Luo looked at him coldly.
Mo Xiao stared at his eyebrows for a long time. What did he seem to say? "You are Mo Shu."
"Shut up, Mo Shu is dead. It’s really disgusting to hear the word Mo Shu from your mouth." Sister Luo stared at Mo Xiao in disgust.
"At the beginning, the teacher took you in and Mo Yang also let you take you as one of their own with the teacher’s surname, but you don’t care about the teacher’s secret affair with Mo Yang, so don’t blame the teacher for not having you." Mo Xiao’s voice sank
"You shut up, two of a kind. It’s really a crime to have an affair in your eyes. Your kindness to me also makes me vomit that scum like you can still live. It’s really an eye of heaven." Sister Luo has a deep disdain and hatred in her voice.
"You and Mo Yang were brought up by a teacher, and everything should be owned by the teacher. You can’t control it yourself. If you don’t listen to me, there is a dead end. You are not the only one. The teacher is the master of this day. You don’t understand and you have to go against the teacher’s will." Mo Xiao’s face was cold and he was just at ease.
Sister Luo sneered again, "Do you deserve to dominate the day? You are a thoroughly brutal pig and dog. There are countless people who dare to go against your meaning this day. If you have something to do, you will kill them all."
Mo Xiao was furious. "How dare you be so disrespectful to the old man? You will die hundreds of times."
"You, what are you? I’ve seen your true colors for a long time. So what if you’re not the one who does your bidding?" Sister Luo was very disdainful.
"How did you live to think that in those days, being a beautiful woman turned into what she is now?" Mo Xiao looked at Sister Luo’s eyes with something to dislike.
"I’m doing this because of you. You want you to do everything and pay the price." Sister Luo’s eyes were full of murder.
"If you can blame your bad life for being taken a fancy to by the old man, you should kneel down and give thanks with joy instead of letting the old man kill you himself." Mo Xiao held a high profile.
"Mo Xiao, I will kill you." Sister Luo was so angry that she took a sword in her hand and rushed to Mo Xiao.
Mo Xiao sat motionless, but when Sister Luo arrived near, he suddenly popped up a silver needle from his finger without any sound, and he moved lightly without any trace, leaving people completely unprepared and rushing straight to Sister Luo’s heart.