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"Oh, you like mature women. When I get to work, I’ll introduce you to a serious woman who is willing to marry you. You are a man, not a man, not a woman." Lan Jingyi’s sympathy has flooded again, and it must be hard to see the scenery on the surface.

"Bang" fart ` shares really fell on the seat Jiang Junyue mercilessly threw her to "shut up, I’ll ask you less afterwards" eyes glanced at her and turned and jumped out of the driver’s seat.
The car flies towards the hospital. It’s good to have a car. It’s really comfortable to lie down with Liu Wentao. Men are car-loving creatures. Seeing the man in the driver’s seat, Lan Jingyi has been silent. Just ignore it. Whoever is missing in this world, the earth turns the same.
It took Jiang Junyue a few minutes from the apartment to the hospital when the car stopped abruptly in the hospital parking lot. "Can we go?"
"I can’t, but I can jump myself." Lan Jingyi struggled to sit up, stretched out his hand and pushed open the door and jumped on one foot.
Jiang Junyue didn’t move his eyes and looked at her with a bracelet holding his chest a step away from her.
Lan Jingyi suddenly felt very embarrassed. Is it ugly for her to move like a rabbit?
One foot fell to the ground and she whispered, "Let’s go."
"Ah, it’s quite strong." He said that people have turned and marched towards the entrance of the ladder.
"Hey, slow down …" "Bang" A muffled sound made Lan Jingyi feel like a golden flower. She wanted to keep pace with him, so she fell down beautifully.
Hands on the cold floor were struggling to get up, and then the body suddenly fell into a warm embrace. It was very warm and warm, so she couldn’t help leaning against the man’s chest. She heard his heartbeat for a moment, and Lan Jingyi had an illusion. At this moment, holding her seemed to be a simple separation, which made her heart beat faster and hit like a deer.
Who rang at this moment? The signal in the ladder was really hard to pick up, but the root of the sentence didn’t stop. Jiang Junyue set up a leg to support Lan Jingyi’s body and then freed up his hand to find out, "What’s the name of Luo?"
"I’ll give you back that rotten dog named Jiang. You have half an hour to take it away, or I’ll just skin it and stew it."
"No" and Jiang Junyue hung up directly.
Lan Jingyi’s pathetic little face is so close to him that I can’t even hear it. "Jiang Qing, don’t be like this, okay? My little girl is my only partner" or even her only dependent partner.
When the "Ding" ladder rang, he made a call on the way, and went directly to the doctor’s office. Soon Luo was released from the examination table, and the doctor carefully examined her feet. The man was a flash of shape and quickly flashed outside. Through the semi-transparent mosaic glass window, Lan Jingyi could faintly see that he was holding a conversation.
I really don’t like it. I didn’t forget to call him old frame after such a short time.
Looking back, she looked at her feet quietly, but she didn’t know that she had drifted to Fang. Will there be someone who loves her and loves her in this life? Will she stay with her when she is most sad?
Chapter 34 Seemingly Leng Qing
Pick up the broken-hearted glass of the foot and then bandage it with medicine. Lan Jingyi bit her lip in pain and didn’t know it was broken.
Finally, Jiang Junyue’s figure is still shaking outside the door, and she can still hear his voice in a low voice, which makes her unable to hear clearly. It should be that he still talks. It is that he likes women, and it is endless when he talks about it.
"All right, it’s been dealt with. It’s best not to walk these days and not to get wet …" The doctor told Lan Jingyi the precautions when he was listening, and the man finally flashed in.
"Is Dr. Lin ready?" Jiang Junyue asked and put it in his pants pocket.
"Well, all right."
"Do you need to pay attention to anything?"
"Change the dressing every day and then the foot can’t walk or get wet …" The doctor repeated.
Jiang Junyue nodded. "Got it. Thank you, Dr. Lin."
I asked some common sense that should be paid attention to. Jiang Junyue just checked the doctor’s prescription and medicine, then picked up Lan Jingyi and left without asking.
"Hey, give me a wheelchair." His gesture of hugging her like this is so ambiguous that it really makes people think. With a wheelchair, she can take care of herself.
"It’s too expensive to buy it yourself." Holding her, she strode to the condensation surface of the ladder as if she were moistened with how much frost, which made Lan Jingyi vomit her tongue and swallow it back.
Where can she afford it? She relies on him for three meals a day. I don’t know if I can go to the talent market to find a job on Saturday. I sighed lightly and one person involuntarily went to the man holding her.
Her soft body makes Jiang Junyue hug the woman in her arms tightly.
From entering the ladder to putting her in the car, his face was always cold and calm, and he didn’t say a word. That expression made Lan Jingyi dare not say if he was angry with her and thought she was too much trouble.
Watching the car leave the parking lot smoothly, Lan Jingyi took a deep breath and whispered, "I may not be able to help you cook these days, but the laundry should be ok." She washes it once a day, but cooking has to move around. Unless she doesn’t want her feet, she really wants to listen to the doctor.
"Whatever you want"
The three words are still light, so the topic is broken as soon as it starts. Neither of them talks, and the anger is instantly dull. What should Lan Jingyi do if she keeps twisting her skirts?
I also want to sell those trinkets. I earn a penny and sell that one. If she wants to sit still, she will move around late. She has to sell so little that she can no longer take advantage of the river.
Back to the community without a wheelchair, the consequence was that Jiang Junyue continued to pick her up and walk through the lobby. Jiang Junyue counted his heartbeat in his arms. Lan Jingyi was lazy and didn’t think about entering the room, but she had a beautiful sleep. It was late and even painful and tired. She is now eager to kiss a bed.
"Ding" the ladder door opened and Jiang Junyue got out of the ladder with Lan Jingyi in her arms, but before she took a step, a little thing jumped up enthusiastically and circled around two people, while still barking "little girl …" Lan Jingyi exclaimed with surprise that this little thing was really capable of finding her and finding her here.
Just as Lan Jingyi is a little girl, when she found her, an evil man suddenly came. "Your md is really a toss-up. I have to send this little thing in the middle of the night. Come on, how do you thank Xiao Ye for sending it for you myself?"
Jiang Junyue strode over Luo Qijiang without looking at him. "I didn’t ask you to be a little girl and ask for the door."
"Hey, I’m wrong, aren’t I? Don’t be ignorant of people’s hearts if you are surnamed Jiang? " Two big men choked up the saliva rack at the door.
Section 13
Lan Jingyi was shocked. It was a little girl who found it herself, but it was Jiang Qing who asked Brother Luo to send it. Didn’t he say that he didn’t care?
The heart is steep and warm, which is the most annoying thing in this world, that is to say, not to be that kind of person, but the most touching thing is to be that person, and Jiang Qing obviously belongs to the latter.
People were thrown off the sofa. Lan Jingyi picked up her handbag and touched it. She wanted to see if anyone would ask her to interview herself. I don’t know if I can go now.
Actually, at this time, there is no one working except overtime, and it is impossible for anyone to call her for an interview, but she is just looking forward to it.
However, when she opened it, it was not that she had been waiting for words, but that she was familiar with the missed words. There were dozens of missed words by Liu Wentao, and dozens of the same text messages were attached. "See the reply or you will not want to divorce me in this life."
Lan Jingyi is a little confused. Didn’t she leave long ago?
She signed the agreement without thinking, so she called over there. Liu Wentao’s deep voice soon sounded, "Go home immediately or face the consequences."
Go home?
Back to what home?
Listen to Li Yinyin, Lan Jingyi laughed at herself. Once it was the home she was most looking forward to, but now it is just a golden cage for her, and it is not happiness to bring her perfection again.
桑拿会所"Bang" the deafening door woke Lan Jingyi. She turned her head to Luo Qijiang and somehow left Lan Jingyi. She immediately jumped up on one foot and went straight to the door. Liu Wentao didn’t sound like a fake. He didn’t say that she wanted to go back and ask about the divorce. It was a big deal. She began to worry.
"Why go?" Just jumped two steps and my wrist was caught by a warm palm.
"I want to go back."