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Jane is not separated from the volunteer who took Lan Jingyi’s luggage and walked beside her. Her eyes fell on her arms. "Your daughter?"

"Hehe, what if I say no?"
"So no one believes you when you sayno." He laughed and continued as he walked. "Jingyi left that night, and I came to find you, but something small happened the next day, which made me unable to get away from you. Later, I finally got away, but I couldn’t find you. And I lost my contact number." He said gently with a slight chagrin. "Now I am relieved to see that you are doing well."
It turned out that he didn’t go to her because something happened. It turned out that he lost her number. She was really a little petty, and she was really angry that he ignored herself several times.
Embarrassed smile "nothing who also don’t want to have an accident isn’t it? I don’t want to do anything big or small, "just like her. Does she have less things to do? It’s a big deal for her to lose especially her son.
"Is anyone picking you up in Jingyi?"
Lan Jing Eaton remembered that Liu Wentao outside the airport gate "Oh Wentao came to pick me up"
"Is it convenient for me …?" There was a flash in her eyes, but it was more than a year since she even gave birth to a child. It seems that he appeared late at this time, completely late, and it seems that he has completely missed her.
"No" Lan Jingyi smiled. She and Liu Wentao are friends now. Really?
Can help her drag the luggage out of the airport lobby? Jane stopped politely. "Jingyi, I have work to meet a guest, so don’t bother. By the way, can I have your phone number again?"
桑拿会所"Good," she casually reported, "I still never changed my old number." So she felt weird together until he never called her, but today she is relieved.
"Well, this time I’m not only going to remember the address book, I’m leaving." I’ve seen Liu Wentao coming this way in my field of vision. Jane Fei left quickly with simple luggage, and Lan Jingyi was anxious to see her son. She didn’t think much about it, and she didn’t ask Jane Fei what happened in those days. She just followed Liu Wentao out of the car.
"How’s your investigation on Wentao’s child?" Just sit in the car LanJingYi eagerly asked.
Liu Wentao didn’t answer her question directly, but handed her a notebook that had been turned on. "Let you see the child first."
Lan Jingyi put Xiao Qinqin in her seat and let her go back to sleep. Then she took the brain finger from Liu Wentao and quickly slid across the screen. Then she saw the forum in Dijon’s rented room. At this time, all she posted was not Jiang Junyue holding her son’s photo, but another woman holding her son’s photo. "Who is she?" Lan Jingyi’s eyelids began to jump wildly. Isn’t that child her but this woman? Because the sticker clearly says mother and son.
Those four words are no matter how stupid she is.
"Well, the Luo family and the Jiang family all went to Chiang Kai-shek’s company early this morning to discuss his marriage with Lomevi." Liu Wentao gave Lan Jingyi a detailed statement of what he had heard.
Section 53
"Lome Wei?" Lan Jingyi has never heard of this name. She doesn’t know who Lomevi is.
"Sister Luo Qijiang, they have lived in a compound since childhood," said Liu Wentao in a low voice.
Lan Jingyi’s heart trembled slightly. She knew that Luo Qijiang, Luo Qijiang and Jiang Junyue were particularly good. They were friends when they were young. She and Luo Qijiang had also met.
It turns out that he likes Luo Qijiang’s sister Lomevi. It turns out that the child has nothing to do with himself. It turns out that the child is Lomevi.
It seems that she came back wrong.
"Why didn’t you tell me earlier?" Slight resentment at the bottom of my heart made her want to ask without thinking or thinking.
Liu Wentao’s eyes were dark. "I think I might as well tell you directly when your plane arrives."
Lan Jingyi bowed her head. "I’m sorry." Her tone may be a little heavy, but she didn’t mean it. She didn’t expect to come back after all the trouble, but she ran away again. It wasn’t her. It was Lomevi.
Liu Wentao didn’t say anything, but she drove quietly. The silence made Lan Jingyi feel breathless for a long time. She suddenly said, "Thank you."
Chapter 97 Comfortable
Liu Wentao didn’t say anything, but she drove quietly. The silence made Lan Jingyi feel breathless for a long time. She suddenly said, "Thank you."
"Jingyi, don’t be polite to me. I’ll help you book the ordinary standard of Case Hotel. If you don’t like it, change it again."
"No, let’s live there." Case Hotel, she knows, is not expensive or cheap, and being in the middle level is just right for her.
She took Xiaoqinqin back to the city, always worried that it would be better to be ambushed by a regular hotel.
It’s already noon, and Xiao Qinqin is still asleep. Liu Wentao has left because of the company’s business.
Lan Jingyi is fidgeting. Although I knew that the child was not her as soon as I got a car, I don’t know why she just wanted to take a look, even if it was a look. The child was too much like Jiang Junyue. She remembered on the operating table that the child looked too much.
When she gritted her teeth, she wrapped up Xiao Qinqin and put some urgent things in her backpack. She left the hotel with Xiao Qinqin in her arms. She wanted to see it far away, so she let the taxi stop in front of Jiazhou Restaurant. When the car passed by, she saw the man who used to be more familiar with the glass window of Jiazhou Restaurant.
Waiting quietly for him to come out of the California restaurant is a torment, but since she is here, she must wait.
Lan Jingyi really waited for Jiang Junyue and the little boy, but when she waited, there was another woman holding Jiang Junyue’s arm and kissing her, and the woman had a bright smile. She knew that woman must be Lomevi.