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But then the whole castle will be in danger.

After all, Han Qingshan is not an easy man to deal with. Who knows how many people he brought?
But Ye Xiangyuan is very cool and doesn’t seem to want to retreat.
My heart is a little anxious.
Now the lives of a large family can be here.
But on second thought, he has always been safe, and he must have had a solution.
I also tried to calm myself down.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and stroked my back one by one, holding a document in his hand without speaking.
After about half an hour, Han Qingshan finally came.
He walked into the living room with a gun in his hand.
At this time, the guns outside stopped and the whole castle was quiet again.
I can even hear a few birds chirping insects.
Ye Xiangyuan put a file on my forehead and kissed me in judo. "You go back to the room with the baby first, and I’ll accompany you when I’m done with things."
I shook my head and grasped his arm.
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t insist that he looked up at Han Qingshan gently and said, "Please sit down."
Han Qingshan squinted at him without moving.
He was followed by rows of hands with guns.
And Pan Dong has already taken the bodyguard Ye Xiangyuan behind him.
The confrontation between the two sides is explosive.
I think it’s the same outside the castle. Both sides are deadlocked.
Just from the present situation, I can imagine how fierce the gun battle was just now.
After being silent for about half a minute, Han Qingshan sat on the sofa opposite.
He still looked at Ye Xiang far away. "Where are you?"
Ye Xiangyuan gently tilted his head to Pan Dongdao to "bring people"
It wasn’t long before Li Yuyan was brought by bodyguards.
Her limbs were tied and she was thrown to the ground.
Having become mute, she opened her mouth and cried, but she couldn’t speak.
Look at where her unkempt head is pointed at by Panton, and the arrogance and dignity of the aristocratic lady look like a mess.
Han Qingshan eyes transient sharp fixedly staring at Ye Xiangyuan.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled faintly. "I want to know two things."
Han Qingshan looked at him with an expression on his face for a while and also evoked the corners of his mouth. "I have surrounded this town."
Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly, "It’s a big deal to die together."
Han Qingshan face heavy.
Ye Xiangyuan "If you tell me these two things, I will let you take Li Yuyan away."
Han Qingshan squinted and seemed to think.
Ye Xiangyuan also don’t urge him.
The whole living room fell into silence, and even Li Yuyan stopped calling.
I’m a little tired of this silence and I’m afraid that a gun battle will break out again in a moment.
Fear leaves hold my hand far away, and warm feelings spread all over me through the palm of your hand.
I took a deep breath to calm myself down.
A long time Han Qingshan finally said "good"
Ye Xiangyuan directly asked, "Did your Han family participate in that year?"
He should mean that Ye Dabo and Ye Dad were framed by the Li family for their sacrifice in Africa.
Han Qingshan didn’t play with the gun in his hand. He said bluntly, "When I was young, I was in Korea’s house … and I really had a connection with the Li family."
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t speak waiting for him to continue.
桑拿Han Qingshan smiled. "Didn’t you find out early?"
Ye Xiangyuandao "I want to hear you say"
Han Qingshan reminded the corners of his mouth, "Korea’s family really joined the Li family more than 20 years ago and has been supporting the Li family, but we can’t control what we want to do with the Li family’s funds." He glanced at Ye Xiangyuan Gherardini and said, "It was the Li family that planned and implemented it. If you want revenge, go to the Li family."
Ye Xiangyuan quietly looked at him?
Han Qingshan smiled. "If you think Han Jia participated, you did. If you think Han Jia didn’t participate, you didn’t see what you think."
Ye Xiangyuan still didn’t answer the words.
Han Qingshan looked at the "second question" of the Li Yu flue that was thrown to the ground.
Ye Xiangyuan eyes light lift eyes fell on his body slowly way "in addition to those forces behind your scenes who else"
I listened to leng leng.
Haven’t he found out the details of those behind-the-scenes forces yet?
So he will set up such a bureau specially waiting for Han Qingshan in the castle?
Han Qingshan wind him gently hook up the lip angle "how can I betray my partner?" His hands spread out and he said, "You’d better change the question."