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I’m a road idiot. I’ve been to his house once. I can’t remember it, but this road, the Imperial Capital, is so famous. There are tall buttonwood trees on both sides. This compound is full of powerful families.

I hesitated and got up the courage to go to the distance. "I have work …"
First, I don’t want to go to Yejia, and second, I think there is still time to meet Jishu.
Ye Xiangyuan glanced at me with a slant head. "Xiaojin’s house is waiting for you."
I haven’t seen Xiao Jin for a while, and I really miss him, too.
But …
I secretly went to see the person beside me.
When I go to Ye’s house, I will probably be alone with him. What should I do then?
I don’t want to talk to him so soon.
He will never allow me to go back on my word.
喝茶约茶But after having sex with him, I really think it will be embarrassing to continue to be a fake couple with him. What’s more, Qian Xiaoyan’s words also make me doubt.
Unfortunately, no matter how reluctant I am, the car still drives to Yejia.
I am completely silent.
The car soon drove into the courtyard. It was sunny today, and the evening sun was setting in the courtyard. There was a coldness in the courtyard, which was different from the second excitement and prosperity. The afterglow of this quaint building was particularly quiet and quiet.
A guard opened the door for Ye Xiangyuan and saluted him.
After that, we went into the house, and servants shuttled back and forth to do their own things, but everything was quiet and orderly.
I have the illusion that I have returned to an ancient official mansion.
I didn’t have the nerve to look at it because there were so many people. I couldn’t help looking around this time.
The decoration of the house is very elegant and the layout is very simple. Almost all of them are made of wood. At first glance, it seems a little shabby, but it is not. At first glance, the wood is good gold nanmu and huanghuali wood, and there are all kinds of inconspicuous furnishings. The antiques and calligraphy and painting alone are of great value.
I can’t help but smile. Leaves home proved to be rich.
These things are beyond the reach of ordinary people for generations.
Of course, I can’t envy it.
I gathered my mind and found that the hall was quiet and I didn’t see Xiao Ye Jin.
A servant said, "Little Young Master Building"
I think of Xiao Jin’s room full of military toys and suddenly feel a headache. He won’t be playing with those hard instruments alone, will he?
Ye Xiangyuan "Go"
I, uh, followed him upstairs
Pushing open Xiaojin’s bedroom door, I suddenly saw Gu Changyu!
The room was warm with heating, and she wore a thin pink coat, which made her skin more beautiful than snow. Her cheeks were pale and her black hair hung down slightly on her chest, and her head and neck were particularly beautiful.
When it’s really beautiful, it’s just too much to say that it’s truly beautiful.
She is sitting beside Xiaojin, smiling and watching Xiaojin play with a model ship.
However, Xiao Jin doesn’t seem to take a reason to play with herself and try to take the boat apart with a small screwdriver.
Gu Changyu immediately got up to do judo when he saw us. "Ayuan, you are back."
Section 49
I have seen her several times before, and every time I was in a hurry, I didn’t pay much attention to her.
Now it’s nice to hear her voice. It’s crisp and sweet. It’s like writing like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade in it.
I was driving an errand when Xiao Jin found us. He threw away the model and ran to my arms. "Auntie!"
He is wearing a long autumn coat and trousers with a kitten pattern, and his short legs are particularly cute.
I smiled and picked him up and pinched his nose. "Do you miss me?"
He nodded his head and wrapped his little arm around my neck. Grandma replied angrily, "Hmm!"
I heard Gu Changyu say with a smile, "They hit it off."
Ye Xiangyuan said, "Why are you here?"
Gu Changyu sighed gently. "When Asun went to the army, I came to see Xiao Jin when I chatted at home alone."
Even the tone of bitterness sounds like Jiao Jiao is very pitiful.
I sat with Xiao Jin in my arms and let Xiao Jin continue to play with the model while listening to their conversation.
Gu Changyu suddenly coughed.
Ye Xiangyuan frowned and said, "The weather changes quickly, and you go out less after your voice is bad."
I looked at him suspiciously, and his tone was no different from before, but I heard a little nervous.
Maybe it’s an illusion
Gu Changyu shook her head. "I’m used to it." She smiled. "Asun doesn’t care about me as much as you do."
I am more and more surprised to hear what she wants to compare her husband with Ye Xiangyuan.
And Ye Xiangyuan’s expression seems to have changed without any change.
At this time, the servant knocked at the door and said that there was a guest coming.
I am puzzled in my heart.
Then I saw a tall young man appear at the door.
I have a good memory, and I immediately remembered who he was.
It was Wen Lu who came to school with a big belly for the first time and knocked me unconscious. When Ye Xiangyuan took me to the hospital, my car saw the young man in military uniform.
This time he was dressed in casual clothes, but I recognized him at a glance.
Perhaps because he is a soldier, his straight back and quiet temperament are really very different from ordinary people.
He gave Ye Xiangyuan a ceremony saying, "I have something to leave, Colonel."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded faintly and turned to me.
I will be busy. "You go and get busy."
Gu Changyu smiled at me when people left. "That’s how he gets busy. Don’t mind."