What to do if the child cannot sing

8 Jan by admin

What to do if the child cannot sing

What to do if the child cannot sing

Singing 1. The ability to coordinate the muscles of the best organs is not well developed, and the fine auditory organs are not fully developed. Therefore, the younger the child is, the more obvious it is. Singing seems to be reading a song and cannot hear the tune.

  2. Lack of certain training, lack of concentration, and inaccurate pitch.

  3, the song itself is not suitable for children, the melody of the song is too complicated, it is easy for the child to tune out.

  So how to teach children to sing the accent?

  1. You can sing accurately only if you listen accurately.

Therefore, let the child listen more and let the child perceive and distinguish the length of the sound in the process of listening.

Adults can take the form of games, such as “who’s ear spirit”.

If there is a piano at home, adults can pop a sound on the keyboard, let the child listen to a sound first, and then sing; there is no piano at home, you can use the same glass, each cup contains a different amount of water, arranged in a staircase, parents useChopsticks knock out different pitches to train your child’s hearing.

  2. Choose the right song for your child to sing.

The younger the children, the more they will choose the tunes, and the lyrics are simple songs. As they get older, they will gradually choose important songs.

For tunes that are difficult and easy to tune, adults must let children repeatedly listen to their accurate and clear demonstrations, or listen to song tapes. Based on this, teach children to practice singing step by step, which is good for children to sing accurate tunes.

  3. When the child is not allowed to sing, adults must not laugh at and blame, so as not to jeopardize the enthusiasm of the child to sing. They should demonstrate it correctly. Demonstrate which one is the key when they are not allowed to sing, and practice it repeatedly., And then sing a song completely.

  4, because the child’s vocal organs and auditory organs are immature, and the various parts of the function are not coordinated due to inaccurate sounds, parents do not need to worry, through appropriate training, with age will become better.