Chen Kang: Endless to do every detail

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Chen Kang: Endless to do every detail

  Police Archive: Chen Kang, male, born in March 1978, in December 2003, the police, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau Longgang Branch pre-trial team secondary sheriff.

From the police, Chen Kangrong has a third-class work and won the honor of the 2012 Municipal Bureau’s outstanding people’s police, personal award.

  From the police, Chen Kang has worked in the post of Longgang Detention Center, the Branch Pre-Audition Brigade.

After transferring into the pre-trial team in March 2019, he is mainly responsible for logistics protection and assisting the daily management of the auxiliary police and employees.

  In the eyes of colleagues, Chen Kang is a typical northwest man. Although the appearance is rough, the heart is very delicate, and the work is serious and meticulous.

"The work of the management is complicated, but it is extremely critical, contacting the police station, contact the procuratorate, is the hub link between the criminal case business between the public security organs and the procuratorate.

The receipt of the case, move, and must not have a half point. "Chen Kang said.

At daily punishment, prosecution and refund cases, transfer, refund, and instructions, transfer, etc., Chen Kang has never had any leaks, and everyone says that his hand is most relieved. In addition to the case of the case, Chen Kang is still a logistics guarantee. He is always actively actively doing the procurement, management, update and maintenance of office equipment and fixed assets. For logistics, his most attention is a "fast" word, but what can be done in the same day, will never drag to the next day.

He can always efficiently protect everyone’s office needs and provide a solid support for the smooth development of various work.

In February 2020, the pre-trial brigade moved overall from the detention house to the old site of the Henggang police station. Chen Kang actively communicated and coordinated with relevant departments, and fully guaranteed all guarantees to ensure the normal and orderly development of various business during relocation and relocation. . During the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, due to the long-term preparation, Chen Kang actively assumed the work task that Chen Kang actively affiliated to his work. At the same time, in order to alleviate the pressure of the case of the grassroots, he actively assumes the cross-regional transfer work of some cases, and the police will reduce the burden. Therefore, he can reach home in almost no day.

  Colleagues saw Chen Kang often work hard, but he never had a complaint, he cares about him, pay attention to rest.

"As a party member, be brave enough, what is hard, these are little things." Chen Kang always smiled.

(Text / Figure Xu Wen Chang Zhong Shihong).