Close to the Winter Olympics to accumulate confidence in the sled World Cup

8 May by admin

Close to the Winter Olympics to accumulate confidence in the sled World Cup

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing November 21 (Reporter Zhang Yu, Ma Bangjie) "Meeting Beijing" 2021-2022 International Sled Federation Sleigh World Cup 21st at the National Snow Sleigh Center. The Chinese team ranks ninth place in the group relay competition, and won the best results in the history of Chinese sled team, further accumulating confidence.

  China Solden National Training Team is formed in 2015. On the same day, the Chinese group relay team departure for the woman single sled hand Hu Huilan, man single sled hand fan, men’s double sled combination yellow leaf wave / Peng Jun Yue. In the game, Fan Wei is smooth, Hu Huilan and Huang Ye / Peng Jose have a mistake, but finally completed the game.

  On November 21st, "Meeting Beijing" International Sled Federation Sled World Cup, Chinese player Huang Ye / Peng Jun Yue in the group relay competition. Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yizhen said after Hu Huilan, said that Yanqing is very cold, the ice is very hard, and the difficulty of taxi control is greater, and it is easy to face. "Seeing your training time with them (opponents) constantly approaching, giving me more confidence.

The future of the future is still very long, we have improved very quickly, I am very confident.

"She said, from 2015 to now, more and more calmly treat each slogue, this is a growth. Huang Yeo and Peng Junbei said that almost every sliding at the time of the team, sometimes sliding twice twice, hitting Self-confidence. "But the biggest gain is not discouraged, and the failure will be smirked. "Fan Wei Yao is satisfied with the sliding performance.

"Today is very good, returning to Yanqing Base Training I have slipped bad, but today is very good." He said that Chinese sled hands lacks the experience of competition, there are many things to learn. The most important thing is to adjust the mental state and slide out should be level.

  On November 21st, American players Madzedze / Tidiman were in group relay competitions.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Yizhen photographed the Austrian team, the US team and the Italian team eventually divided the top three in the group relay.

  In the women’s single sled competition, the 23-year-old Austrian teenager Madeleine Ehre defeated the German team, and I won the World Cup champion of the World Cup of the World Cup. Austrian player Lisa Short has obtained bronze medals. Pingchang, Sochi Winter Olympics "Double Material", German star Natalie Gaisonberg fell in the first round of sliding, and finally won the 26th. Editor in charge: Cixin.