Chihua Shi interactive marketing innovation collection, the hot wave swept 618

4 Jan by admin

Chihua Shi interactive marketing innovation collection, the hot wave swept 618

Since the opening of the 618 pre -sale, Zhihua Shijie reported one after another.

On the day of Tmall’s pre -sale, Chihua Shi’s electric leather function sofa 50611B, massage chair M1040, smart bed Z018, function sofa single chair K9780 and other explosive products have won TOP1 of Tmall single category. The successful leading sales list demonstrates the brand’s appeal and influence. The development strategy of the Chihua Shi brand keeps pace with the times, and the multi -pronged approach to the new generation of consumer demand is affected by the epidemic. The traditional home industry in the offline physical store is more difficult to touch the new generation of consumers. The traditional development model can no longer be in line with Market demand.

Under the development of the Internet, the post -80s and post -90s have become the main consumer army, and the live broadcasts have shown a large number of concentrated trends. Douyin and Kuaishou’s short videos have become a sales market in the main form of live broadcast and cargo. Live and cargo have become current e -commerce marketing weapons.

As a global functional sofa brand, Zhihua Shi has insight into market trends and new generation preferences, and continuously optimize and adjust products, marketing forms and directions, and develop with the times. As early as the rise of the live broadcast, Zhihua Shi began to deploy Douyin, fast -handed self -broadcast account matrix, and formed a professional MCN team to increase the exposure of the brand, multi -dimensional and multi -channel consumers.

Zhihua Shi also closer to young consumers by strengthening cooperation with e -commerce, traffic stars, and decentralizing super -head star anchors, to drain the brand for the brand, and to share comfortable first -class life concepts.

For example, in April this year, Chihua Shi and Tmall Super Brand Day cooperated in depth. At the same time, they joined hands to show the dark horse Li Xueqin to build a young circle of communication context, build a voice volume of activities. , To a certain extent, the flow pool is 618 to effectively pull new water storage.

Chihua Shi first -class, allowing consumers to have a good lifestyle product is the brand’s strength confirmation and the basic Zhihua Shi deep farming smart home market that communicates with the brand consumers. Use function.

People can adjust the angle according to the needs of actual use scenarios. You can play games, 125 books, 140IPAD chase dramas, 150 cats to play, or 160 squint eyes, all kinds of comfortable posture, home scenes can be switched at will, letting time slow down, slowing down, slowing down, slowing down, slowing down, slowing down. Enjoy your own comfort space in fast -paced life.

Of course, you can also sit with your family in the living room to unlock more comfortable sitting positions. You can lie down and play with your mobile phone. You can also sit on your legs and watch TV. Family life is so simple. During the 618 period, Zhihua Shi continued to increase in terms of services and preferential preferential aspects, grabbing Xiemi projector, 0 yuan reservation, one -stop matching, worry -free, effort, super cost -effective and more than 1500 preferential activities and other preferential activities. Purchasing concerns; in the live broadcast of the store, 50 % discount on a limited -value event such as a limited -edition, 10,000 yuan red envelopes, and removal orders were also launched, which gave consumers a lot of surprises.

Over the years, Zhihua Shi has adhered to the corporate mission of healthy, comfortable, super -value, and fashionable home corporate mission to millions of households, practice comfortable brand core strategies, and advocates the brand attitude of the first -class lifestyle. Constantly optimization of product functions and marketing strategies, allowing consumers to enjoy the first -class comfortable life, it is worth choosing and experienced by consumers. Buy furniture, choose Zhihua Shi, and enjoy the first -class lifestyle! Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Editor in charge: KJ005.