Walking for half an hour helps prevent constipation

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Walking for half an hour helps prevent constipation

Walking for half an hour helps prevent constipation

Walking for half an hour helps prevent constipation. Many elderly people suffer from constipation shelters. According to the epidemiological survey, the incidence of constipation is about 9% -13%, of which 25% -50% is senile constipation.

Yin Yi, deputy director of nasal and bowel surgery at Beijing Longfu Hospital, said that constipation in the elderly cannot be ignored and needs to be adjusted in time.

  Elderly people may suffer from constipation due to reduced digestion, decreased secretion of digestive juices, eating too little, partial eating of finely processed foods, less exercise and less stimulation of colonic movements.

In addition, many drugs (such as blood pressure-lowering calcium channel replacement agents, antidepressants and other neurological and psychiatric drugs and anti-inflammatory and analgesics) can induce and exacerbate constipation.

  To solve constipation, it is most important to develop good habits.

Yin Yi reminded that it is best to squat in the toilet every morning after getting up, and consciously cultivate the habit of defecation on time.

  In addition, pay attention to the following three points: First, a reasonable diet, eat more crude fiber foods and foods with laxative effects, and drink plenty of water.

The second is multi-exertion. The leg-lifting action directly or indirectly affects the ability of the pelvic and pubic symphysis and anal sphincter during walking. It is best to walk or jog for 10-30 minutes every day.

Third, establish good bowel habits.

Half an hour or one hour after a meal, the gastric and colon reflexes are most active at this time, and as a signal of conditioned reflexes, bowel movements are trained to establish good bowel habits and regularities.

  Yin Yi also reminded the elderly that most constipation is not an inherent cause. It is recommended that elderly people who often have constipation should be treated under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take laxatives indiscriminately, especially the laxatives that are effective immediately to avoid irritation.Gastrointestinal function.

If you have constipation and blood in your stool, and your weight will drop quickly, you should go to the hospital for investigation.