Rebuilding confidence away from psychological perversion

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Rebuilding confidence away from psychological perversion

Rebuilding confidence away from psychological perversion

Psychopaths, also known as antisocials, like to treat others as prey.

They will sometimes become “celebrities” in culture, for example their cold blood makes them bad guys in novels, movies and television.

  Experts believe that perverts do not fall from the sky, and their growth process is related to the family environment.

Moreover, the perverted crime involves both the pervert and the victim, and the victim surrounding the perverted claw often has its own characteristics.

  How does psychological abnormality develop?

  Any Rihui, the head of the Psychology Department of the Guangdong Corps Hospital of the Armed Police, proposed on this year’s World Mental Health Day that society should pay attention to ordinary people, because antisocialists are mostly male, and they often develop from ordinary people. The problem lies in their original families who grew up.
According to normal psychological development, the boy gradually changes from attachment to the mother to identification with the father. If he does not feel love in the family system during this period, and sees the father using violence at home, he will hate it subconsciously.

This sense of disagreement will gradually generalize as it develops, and it will be disgusting to the entire external society.

Most people’s anti-social severity can recover from self-healing as they grow up, while some people become increasingly frustrated because of constant frustrations in their lives, leading to serious problems or even perverts.

  He Rihui said that the proportion of anti-social personality disorder in the social population is not low, such as the school homicide that occurred this year may be related to it.

These people rarely take the initiative to see a doctor. Most of them are found when they have to go to the hospital because of alcohol, dandruff, and depression.

This is a serious mental illness. Doctors cannot easily put on this “hat”. Generally, they must be over 18 years old for underground diagnosis. People under 18 years of age are often diagnosed with conduct disorders because of frequent fights.

These people usually do not show any abnormal behavior. People around them may feel that they have a bad temper and are not good at interacting with others.

Different from those with mental illness, they will plan carefully before committing murder and other criminal acts, step on the spot, etc. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to prevent, and the harm is extremely great. After being arrested, they will bear legal responsibility.

  Lack of self-confidence and vulnerability to pervert attacks. Studies in the United States have found that the more abnormal a person’s psychology, the easier it is to determine who to start with, and sometimes only by the actions of others.

In one study, participants first filled out a questionnaire about psychological metamorphosis, measuring interpersonal and emotional characteristics associated with metamorphosis, as well as personal instability and antisocial characteristics.

Then let them watch the walking postures of 12 people captured by the camera from behind, assuming they are scored for how easy it is to rob them.

As a result, some of the people in the video were really robbed, and the most perverted people were able to grind them.

  So what factors make these people vulnerable?

Some studies have found that perverts are based on a set of non-verbal signals, including the stride of walking, how the center of gravity moves, and the height of the walking heel.

Lack of eye contact, helplessness, avoid excessive movements when changing body posture-these body language hints to lack of self-confidence, interpreted by perverts as arbitrary slaughter!

  New York science writer Jeff Wise once encountered such a person: on the surface he was a personable, well-dressed gentleman, born talkative, elegant, loving sports, sensitive and easy to learn, good financial management, courteous and polite . butFew people know that he ruined many people and abused women to satisfy his distorted selfish desires.

These women fully meet the above characteristics.

The women who were allegedly coerced by the person said that they lacked social experience and were not very outgoing.

They were mentally weak, unprepared for the perverts’ attacks, and could not resist after the incident.

The consequence is that after their severe injuries, even the experience of being violated is extremely painful, allowing perverts to continue to rag.