Cane aerobics

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Cane aerobics

Cane aerobics

In addition to playing a major role in walking, the cane uses a cane for aerobics, making the activity more in place, stretching more fully and more diverse, and taking the hands-on exercise to a new level.

  Body side movement: The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders. Both sides of the cane are held at both ends, and the arms are straightened and lifted to the top of the head for body movement.

Note that the waist is stretched left and right, not the left and right swing of the arm.

  Abdominal back movement: The feet are slightly wider than the shoulders. Hold the ends of the sticks with both arms and straighten the arms. Lift them up to the top of the head, then swing the arms back, then bend down and bend the legs.

  The upper arm is looped: the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, and both ends of the cane are placed in front of the body.

The right arm is lifted up, and is placed behind the right brain and placed in front of the body;

Then in the opposite direction, do it continuously.

  Kneeling up: feet and shoulders are wide, with both ends of the cane placed behind the head.

Kneeling, standing up, while holding the stick arm.

While lifting the arm, mentioning ō (zhōng, sound: swollen.


After finishing the back end, when the lower limbs are lifted on the arm, one leg is erect, the other leg is raised, and the legs are alternated.

  Step on a wooden stick to prepare a round wooden stick with a diameter of 3-5 cm and a length of 10 cm, so that it is better to put down your feet.

  Straight legislation: Step on the wooden stick with both feet, then alternately step on the stick with the left and right feet, so that the wooden stick is irritating to all parts of the sole.

Step on the stick for 5-10 minutes.

It is best to barefoot when stepping on the stick, because the bare feet are more irritating to the acupuncture points and the effect is better.

  Sitting posture: People sit on the bench, step on the wooden stick barefoot, step on the foot and step on it, then roll the wooden stick back and forth, the time is generally about 10 minutes, or you can step on the stick while working.Stop, this is more casual, and the effect is good.

  Lying position: that is, lying on the bed, feet raised on the wooden stick on the window, repeatedly stepping on and stepping on, 5-8 minutes.

  The baby crawls and the frog jumps on the knees, hands or elbows on the ground, crawling like a baby.

The speed of crawling is slow and fast, the time is short and long, and the principle of not breathing heavily is not tired. The best exercise is half an hour after a meal.

  In the crawling, the legs should be lifted slightly, the legs and the pair should be forced together, and the spine is almost parallel to the ground, reducing the position of the head.

This is beneficial to both blood circulation and the ability to coordinate hands, arms and legs.

  According to your own situation, you can crawl forward or backward, and you can also crawl in circles.

It is important to note that the range of motion should not be too large, and you should slowly get up early after the exercise.

  For example, the physique allows the choice of crawling and frog jumping, that is, mimicking the frog’s beating.

Due to the excessive amount of exercise, the initial beating amplitude should be smaller. After the improvement of the body function, the amplitude and distance of the beating are gradually increased.

Generally choose a distance of 20 meters long, add a leapfrog movement during the crawling process, climb and jump, and count back and forth, doing 5-10 times each time.

  Crawling is best carried out on the grass or on the floor. If there are slight deviations on the site, protective measures should be taken. Warm-up activities should be done before crawling. It can start slower, shorter time, and can be lengthened by physical improvement, butGenerally no more than half an hour.