Old Chinese medicine sums up vegetarian health characteristics

26 Nov by admin

Old Chinese medicine sums up vegetarian health characteristics

Old Chinese medicine sums up vegetarian health characteristics

Dietary nutrition experts survey results show that as long as attention to nutritional balance, vegetarian diet will not affect health, but can prevent many deadly diseases.

The various interests of vegetarianism are recognized by everyone, the number of vegetarians is increasing, and vegetarianism has become a healthy new fashion for too many young white-collar workers.

  Cereals, beans, vegetables and fruits are blended with fiber, vitamins and minerals. People eat these items and have a lot of weight on the body.

Qiao Hongru, the famous doctor of Shandong Province who has researched health care and health care, and the chief physician of Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, summarized the characteristics of vegetarian diet for many years.

  Control weight, prevent cancer, eat more fiber-containing foods, reduce the absorption of adults in the body’s digestion process, control body weight; reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride content to protect the heart; enhance the high bloodwaySecretory function, instead of carcinogens in the large intestine, combined with impurities to exclude the body, is conducive to health.

Japanese scholars have found that cancer patients have increased magnesium in their blood, indicating that acidic substances create conditions for the development of nucleic acids.

Foods containing acidic substances include meat, eggs, sugar, wine and animal oils.

Therefore, take appropriate intake of these foods.

  Growth wisdom eliminates body odor “Book of Rites” cloud: “The meat is brave and embarrassing, and the food valley is smart and clever.

“Vegetarian helps to keep your mind clear, brain cells get more to play, and thus have more wisdom.

European and American people who are mainly meat-eaters have obvious stench, while those who insist on vegetarianism are relatively more likely to suffer from stinking.

  Prevention of constipation is beneficial to the beauty of eating meat, causing slow digestion of the digestive tract, causing constipation, which adversely affects appetite, spirit and sleep.

Eat more vegetables and fruits, can rule out the stagnation caused, clear the stool, prevent constipation.

Rough skin is often associated with abnormal sweat glands.

There is about 1 sweat.

5% of salt, urea, lactic acid stay on the surface of the skin, excessive meat consumption, these solid substances increase and damage the skin, leaving the skin lost tension and elasticity, becoming rough and rough.

Eat vegetarian food, keep the slightly alkaline blood, and excrete harmful substances through the blood and sweat glands smoothly, so that the whole body is full of vitality, the complexion is ruddy and radiant, and the skin is delicate and tender.

  For edible fiber food, Qiao Hongru reminds everyone to pay attention not to eat tender vegetables when eating vegetables, not to replace the old and thick vegetable stalks, and the cooking time should not be too long, in order to prevent the vegetables from being too bad and losing nutrition;Wash and eat the skin, the fruit residue should be swallowed as much as possible; the beans should be eaten together with the bean dregs; the sweet potato can increase the amount of bowel movements, the conversion is low, the satiety is good, and it can be eaten properly; the bean and fruit and vegetables can be eaten together, and the essence can be replenished.