China’s digital talent gap is close to 11 million talents last year to improve

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China’s digital talent gap is close to 11 million talents last year to improve

China’s digital talent gap last year is close to 11 million digital economies to open employment new space (online China) employment scale continuous expands intelligent manufacturing engineering technicians, industrial Internet engineering technicians, virtual reality engineers, intelligent hardware installations, industrial vision systems Waiter … In recent years, a group of new professionals related to digital industries have been "official certification".

The flourishing digital economic related industry is quietly changing China’s employment structure.

"Digital Economic Employment Influence Research Report" pointed out that the digital economy broke the time and space boundaries, forming a synergy, open and multilateral economic model. The new employment form has risen to the development of digital technology, and the technological advancement brings new opportunities to create new jobs, improve productivity and providing effective public services.

In 2020, China’s digital economy reached trillion, and became a key driving force for stable economic growth, which brings rapid expansion of digital economic employment.

The report released by the China Information Communications Institute pointed out that from the overall structure, the proportion of digital industrialized employment positions is significantly higher than the domestic product accumulation of digital industrialization, and high-end employment is strong.

From the digital economic structure, the recruitment position in the field of digital industrialization accounts for%, accounting for the total number of recruits. "Digital Economy has created new employment opportunities and employment forms, new technology applications enhance production efficiency under digital economic era, increase workers’ income and product market demand, and increase the labor demand for enterprises." Gong Sao Tang, Professor, Guanghua School of Management, Beijing University Say.

Talent supplies to improve experts believe that the rapid development of digital economy will have a large number of flexible employment personnel and a variety of new employment forms, and to ensure that urban and rural labor employment entrepreneurship has opened up a larger development space.

In addition, digital technology also brings new opportunities and challenges to the Chinese employment market. "Digital Economic Employment Influence Research Report" pointed out that the new employment model of digital economy will bring a new impact on employment forms and accelerate the improvement of employment proportion of related industries.

Data show that China’s digital talent gap is close to 11 million, accompanied by digital advancement of the whole industry, requires a more extensive digital talent to introduce, and the talent demand gap is still continuous. "At present, the main problems related to China’s digital economic employment are: digital economy intensifies the flow of digital talents, further expanding the development of regional development; China’s existing education level and structure and digital economy do not match the cost of labor education, digitization Talent supply is obvious; the industrial distribution of digital talents is uneven, digital talents are concentrated in the tertiary industry, and the digital employment positions are in the first and second industries. The employment supply structure is adjusted in the industrial structure adjustment. "Gong Liu Tang believes that Promote digital economic employment, we must improve the construction of digital infrastructure, promote the equivalence of digital infrastructure; accelerate the construction of digital economic multi-level talents training system, improve digital economic labor supply level and quality; continue to introduce new models of new models, standardize market, Sucking more employment; promoting the digital transformation of industries, driving employment structure upgrade with industrial structure optimization.

Create more employment opportunities China Network Space Research Institute released "World Internet Development Report 2021" pointed out that digital economy has become an important choice for countries around the world to respond to new coronal pneumonia, accelerate economic social transformation. Countries accelerate new infrastructure layouts, gradually become a new kinetic energy for global economic growth with 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, and satellite Internet. The digital economy has become an important engine for global economic development, and is an important force point of China ‘s economic transformation and upgrading.

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Under the online payment, applet, smart retail tool, and high-efficiency logistics network, the digital ecology is a disabled person, entering the migrant workers, family women, veterans and other employment key to help people have opened the new space of employment. More and more people are employed in digital ecology.

"Tencent Group’s senior researcher Xihang analysis pointed out that with WeChat applet as an example, 2020, WeChat applet development, product, operation and other work has exceeded 7.8 million, the same year-on-year increase.

Wang Xiaomeguan Wang Xiaomeguan, deputy director of the Ministry of Economics (the National Institute of Administration), believes that the digital economy is an important force to promote the high-quality development in China in the new stage of development, and is an important way to solve the difficulty of college students’ employment and promote the proportion of secondary income groups. In addition to continuing to maintain financial, financial policies and employment policies, it is more important to steady tradition and promote innovation. Steady tradition, that is, the integrity of traditional commercial systems and re-plastic vitality; promoting innovation, taking full play to the platform economic advantage, maximizing the creation of rich and diverse digital employment opportunities.