China provides immunity assistance to Papua New Guinea

10 May by admin

China provides immunity assistance to Papua New Guinea

  Xinhua News Agency, Sydney, November 12 (Reporter Hao Yalin) Molzbird News: The Chinese government was held on the 12th of Papua New Guinea Antiomptotrug Assistance Ceremony on the 12th. Malamenti, Prime Minister Marape, expressed its heartfelt thanks to China.

  China’s New Ambassador, Zeng Fanhua said in the handover ceremony, Bar’s new is China’s good friend, a good partner, China’s new round of new round of new round of new round of new coronal epidemic emotions, and more anti-vloys, to help Pakistan new morning Contain the epidemic. China is willing to focus on the era of epidemic, and the new and pragmatic cooperation will promote recovery in the local economy.

  Malape said that Bar New and China’s long-term friendship, Pakistan New Government and the people sincerely thank the Chinese government and people to continue to assist the Palestinian immunity. This assistance is very timely and will play an important role in the difficulties of Bab’s new crown epidemic.

Bar New and China cooperates huge in the field of economic and trade, and believe that mutual benefit cooperation between the two countries will usher in better development after the epidemic. Pakistani King, the Minister of Finance, Pengda, and the State responded to Mantong Director, Manning, and other attendance ceremony.

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