The world in the city

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The world in the city

The world in the city

There are a lot of “friends” in the modern people’s meal.

There is no one to push the cup on the surface and push the heart to the abdomen.

The excitement of the wine table, like the Wall Street stock market, is a false prosperity.

After the wine wakes up, the foam bursts.

The ghost believes that “feeling iron, drinking vomiting blood”, “the wine glass in one fell swoop, with the body to promise” ass.

“There are few confidants in the wine.”

The phrase tells the sorrow of the times.

This misunderstanding suggests that deep human feelings come from the world.

  The number of “friends” is increasing and the quality is getting worse.

Materialized Society – will be nothing, not only friends, but even husband and wife.

  Unstable security Someone was experiencing an emergency at the door of the book-buying center. The mobile phone had no electricity, and there were countless white eyes when borrowing mobile phones from passers-by.

The encounter of the “currency school” is actually very normal. After all, his behavior is exactly the same as that of many scammers. The media is pushing the boat with the water, and the social ecology that guards the mind is called “the turtle society.”

  The background of the “Knowledge Society – Meeting” is the security that you are most likely to miss.

In the ruthless city, the anti-theft network and the security door barrier in addition to the thieves, as well as your neighbors – Guangzhou called “three years and one change”, once spent 300 million in a year, once split the net 7.18 million square meters; but threeAfter the year, Guangzhou people are still happy to install stainless steel “intranet” for the bedroom window.

  Some experts have selected the controversial “China’s Top Ten Major Security Cities”, followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Xinyu, Guilin, Meizhou, Zhoushan and Weihai.

From the ranking point of view, security and crime rate are not directly related. More often, how many friends, housing prices, business structure, urban environment, quality of life, wealth, humanities, and employment opportunities can make your sense of security happen.Shake – no wonder some people say that many acquaintances have multiple roads and buy a house only for security.

  This is a defense paradox that belongs to this city’s friends – you need to get a sense of belonging, a sense of presence and security from more friends, but because of the lack of these, you are the most difficult person to make friends.

  The disappearing public space Before you encounter the story of a new friend, you need more public space – China’s mainland real estate developers began to use the courtyard as a high-end product, because the courtyard is conducive to interpersonal functions, making the neighborhood intimate; DenmarkPopular “collective housing”, different occupations, families of different classes share the living room, restaurant, activity room, known as a happy family.

  You are looking forward to the urban planner’s humanized transformation of the public space with the spirit of the courtyard, so that the moving scenes of the people’s friendly conversation can be seen everywhere – Hong Kong universities have HALL culture, lonely cities should also have HALL culture; only skyscraper office, high densityResidential, the city of huge ShoppingMall is an inhuman city, a square, a pedestrian street, and a park is the living room of the city.

It is a pity that the high land price is enough to break the illusion of the Chinese people. More people are still struggling to live in peace. The ideal life of feeding the pigeons in the square on your side is still far from you.

  This is the planning paradox of urban friends – you think that the public space in the plan is never enough, and you can’t wait for the overlapping land to build a cheap house; you fantasize that you should have a public space with your neighbors, but you can’t waitAdd another private room to your home.

  The high-profile friendship CPI “three friends of the benefit, the three friends of the loss”, the American TV series “Woman Help” on ABC TV, tells the story of the four “friends” in the metropolis – they live in Manhattan, graduated from “Ivy”Famous schools, famous for their success, wearing high-fashion fashion and entering high-end places, helping each other in small groups, and self-solving.

  The gang is indeed the best weapon against the cruel city – the protagonist Mia squeezes out her fiancé as a piece for a position, and even loses the marriage immediately, but she does not have any self-lost, as long as a meticulous party breaksLaugh.

  Although the audience is a teacher who is not in contact with petty bourgeoisie, soap operas always express the city’s ideals of people who are alone.

Gu Long said: “It is difficult to make friends between women and women, but women always sympathize with women, because they feel that as long as they are women, they deserve sympathy.

“Using this theorem to analyze women’s help is not superficial. Some young women in Shanghai have seen the essence of this relationship, and hinted in the blog that they found the most stable friend relationship in the metropolis – can not be like-minded, at least the door to the right.

  This is the pure paradox of urban friends – true friendship is priceless, but in a highly competitive big city, every individual, including you, has a price.

  The expensive time cost is calculated by the Beijing citizens and faced with one thing: he bought some daily necessities from his own residential quarter to the supermarket across the road. You must follow the following steps: walk 10 minutes to the community gate, turn right and go 200 meters to the east.Turning over a 180-meter pedestrian bridge and returning 200 meters to the west takes more than 30 minutes to pass a destination that is only a stone’s throw away from the community.