What do you want to detox

26 Jan by admin

What do you want to detox

What do you want to detox

Drink animal blood soup. Animal blood includes chicken, duck, goose, pig blood, etc. Pig blood is preferred.

Due to the plasma proteins in the blood, after being decomposed by the human stomach acid and enzymes in the digestive juice, it can produce a substance that detoxifies and smoothes the intestines. It can react with the invading dust and harmful metals to make it difficult to be absorbed by the human body.Waste.

Focused soup can clear the body pollution.

  Fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice Fresh fruit juice and fresh vegetable juice without cooking are “cleaners” in the human body.

Can remove toxins and waste accumulated in the body.

Because when a certain amount of fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, the blood becomes alkaline, the toxins accumulated in the cells are dissolved, and then the excretion system replaces the body.

  Eating fungus plants Fungi plants, especially black fungus, have functions of cleaning blood and detoxifying.

  Eat seaweed foods Seaweed foods include kelp, seaweed, etc., because the gelatin in its ingredients can convert the radioactive substances in the body and discharge them with the stool, so it can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.