Be a good helper for Chinese and foreign media

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Be a good helper for Chinese and foreign media

Sun Yan is a second -year student in the University of China University of Sciences. As a member of the volunteer team of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, on January 8 this year, he officially took office at the main media center of the Winter Olympics. The media provides services. Sun Yan’s news interview positions in the field of propaganda business in the main media center are mainly responsible for the acceptance of the application for interviews with registered media reporters at home and abroad. The specific content includes two parts: First, coordinate the various needs of interviews and information consulting raised by the media. Assist reporters to obtain the required information; second, as members of the urban image online tourism experience activity group, participate in the production, promotion, on -site organization and video upload of online tourism experience activity posters.

The online sightseeing experience activities are mainly to display the historical and cultural heritage and characteristics of Beijing and eight provinces and cities in Beijing, such as Beijing Temple, Summer Palace, Shichahai Ice Ruck, Shanghai Wakang Road, Guangzhou Yongle Fang, Hebei Great Gate, etc. Media reporters can understand more and more intuitive Chinese customs and spread Chinese culture. This work is completed by personnel in the closed loop. The host of the radio and television stations outside the provinces and cities introduced the situation in English.

As a volunteer in the ring, Sun Yan wants to organize a closed loop of Chinese and foreign media reporters in the interview room of the main media center to interact with the method of watching the system online.

After the live broadcast is over, video processing and uploading are carried out for media journalists. We have completed the production of several episodes. Although the workload of video processing is large, I can widely spread the content of the activity in this way, and I can also exercise in my work. I feel very meaningful. Sun Yan said.

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, this online tourist tour was widely praised by Chinese and foreign media reporters.

A Associated Press reporter said: I thought I was here to watch the promotional video. I did not expect that I could interact with the respondents on TV. This activity was really cool! Some reporters said that they participated in the online experience activities throughout the process, and they became more and more interested in China’s local customs.

Hearing such appreciation, Sun Yan’s pride came into being. He said: The recognition of journalists and friends is that we continue to work hard to do the greatest motivation for media services. On the university campus, Sun Yan has a richer community and student work experience. He wrote press releases, posters, and cut videos. Essence When Sun Yan was on duty at the news station of the main media center, Chinese and foreign reporters often came to ask how to apply for an interview. He would patiently tell the other party’s specific application process to submit which application materials to be submitted to help them submit successful one -time submission, which is convenient for timely and timely in time. Interview.

There were also reporters to ask about the quota of the visit. Sun Yan conducted many communication and coordination, so that they would participate in the tour. Another foreign journalist came to the news station and said to him in Chinese. This made Sun Yan feel that his work really helped people in need, which was very fulfilled. For the voluntary service of participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games, Sun Yan said that he was particularly lucky. This will be a very unforgettable and commemorative experience in my life. It is both a novel experience and a challenging experience Exercise and growth opportunities can also make new friends from various places in the service work.

Although sometimes work is particularly busy and even deal with several things at the same time, we volunteers are among them, because we shoulder the best quality services for domestic and foreign media reporters who come to report to the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games Task. Our services directly affect their impression of the Winter Olympics and China, so we must seriously complete every job.

From the evaluation of reporters from various countries, we can deeply feel the great success of the Beijing Winter Olympics. As volunteers, we are proud of it. (Reporter Li Ning).