Benefits of looking in the mirror

13 Jan by admin

Benefits of looking in the mirror

Benefits of looking in the mirror

Do you have the habit of looking in the mirror?

Do you know the benefits of looking in the mirror?

Tell you that physical illnesses can be polished from the mirror!

  Miscellaneous plasmids: The formation of hybrid plasmids may be caused by the makeup of your eyes blocking the capillary pores, but there is also a possibility that the plasma inside the body is too high, and the amount of feces absorbed is too high, and accidental accumulation may easily form hybrid plasmids.

Another very important reason is that the spleen in the body may be relatively weak, and the weak spleen metabolizes newborns more slowly.

  Red bloodshot: Because modern people use more eye pressure, they have more eye problems. It’s not that they need to worry about eye drops when they see red bloodshot in their eyes.

At this time, you can move the stiff and sore shoulders, because the red blood in the eyes may also be caused by poor blood circulation on the body. Taking a good rest after the activity can alleviate this eye problem.

  Yellow eyes: Look carefully at your eyes when you look in the mirror. If your eyes are no longer clear, your eyes will become cloudy and you must pay attention.

It is usually a precursor to problems of liver, gallbladder and other organ diseases. If this happens, it is best to go to the hospital to check the body.

  Look at lip color and lip color: Pay attention to changes in lip color to find out what is happening in the body, and to find potential diseases early.

Because the epidermis of the lips is very thin, it can easily reflect the blood condition. Excessive lip color may be caused by insufficient red blood cells in the body. Adding animal liver to the diet can alleviate anemia.

  Lips that are bright red: Lips that are too white are not a good thing, but lips that are too bright also indicate that the body has a problem. Too many bright lip colors combined with anorexia or accompanied by a strong breath are mostly irritable and spleen and stomach disorders.

Of course, if the body temperature rises, there may be some redness in the lips or jaw. At this time, there may be a change in body temperature and you need to pay attention.

  Lips purple: The color mentioned here is blue or purple lip color. If it is this color for a long time, it must attract sufficient attention, because there may be problems with the heart and other organs.

Problems with the heart or lungs are usually a sign of purple lips.

  Look at the tongue to observe the tongue color and tongue coating. Normal tongue coating is thin white.

Changes in chronic diseases are manifested by changes in tongue coating. If you have uncured chronic diseases, you need to observe changes in tongue coating in your daily life.

  Tongue coating is too thick: The tongue coating on the tongue becomes thick and rotten. It may be caused by intestinal digestive dysfunction. Overeating will also cause this situation. At this time, pay attention to adjusting the diet structure and moderate diet.If you are tired, discolored or smelly, you should go to the hospital for a check.

  Tongue coating is too thin: If the tongue coating is too thin, the symptoms of blood deficiency are normal but normal. If you notice that the tongue coating has changed, you need to pay attention because it may be a precursor to the disease becoming heavy.

  Tongue color: Tongue color is also an important signal. It briefly introduces the meaning of several colors.

Tongue purple is generally a manifestation of hypoxia in the body’s blood. The tongue is bright but the tongue coating is less likely to be vitamin B and the like.

  Self-examination through the simple little action of looking in the mirror, you can find the small problems in the body and solve them early.

Physical health is the prerequisite for beauty, and healthy beauty is the most ordinary but not negligible charm.

  Therefore, it is good to look in the mirror often, so that you can detect physical diseases as soon as possible and detect and treat them early.